Questions about maintaining M40A1 FPM.

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  1. I bought an M40A1 gasmask off craigslist, in excellent condition.

    And I’m giving it a thorough cleaning with a damp lint free cloth.
    And washing the internal drinking tube with soapy water

    <FONT size=3><?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com[​IMG]I was wondering, when removing the inhalation valve in 3M’s instructions it says grab the two ears (don’t grab spokes) and pull straight away.
    I’m worried I’m going to damage it, is there some trick to it not mentioned in the instructions?

    How should I clean the non-removable drinking tube that’s connected to the mask?

    I was thinking, remove the canteen quick connector and then swab the tube with a soapy pipe cleaner and then followed by pipe cleaners with clean water on them. I would just suck a little diluted vodka through it but that might damage the tube.

    What is the best place for storing the mask for longest service life?
    Dry and air tight (eg, Tupperware with desiccant) or permeable (eg, cardboard box)?

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    Clean with non-soap (warm water and rinse with alcohol then flush with water again) to keep the rubber from being damaged. The drink tube is optional to begin with -if you end up needing it, then you have worse problems than dehydration. Just saying. Anyway, clean it the same way.

    You won't damage the valve, just pull where it says to pull.

    Store fully dried mask with a light dusting of corn starch.
  3. I followed 3M’s instructions and one of the spokes with the ears on it broke!:mad:
    I’m going to complain to 3M about their instructions.
    I figured out:

    1 Pull on ears straight out until ring is out a little bit.
    2 grab the outer edge of the ring with both hands and tilt up.

    Anyone know where to buy them for a good price or have an extra one they want to sell?
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    I never liked them, so I went with some M10 masks.
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