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    Its not often that I rant and ramble on but I was reading this article from the AP and a few things stood out to me. It is strange the things that trigger responses.

    The first is that it said 54% of Americans will experience poverty. This is a massive number that includes me and probably most people on these forums. Do you know what the poverty line is? $45,960 in 2013. If you are under this amount for a single adult in a house hold you qualify for federal assistance as someone in poverty. $62,040 for two adults. Think about this for a moment. How does more than half of the country qualify for assistance and where does that money come from if not from those they claim to help?

    It also said that 1 in 5 will experience affluence for at least a year of their lives if they live to 60. This is a sharp change from the time before the 1960s. Prior to this the numbers were quite different. Most people had wealth or access to it because of sound money or the results of sound money and the flood of credit. Even the poor were rare and taken care of because the flood of money and resources was enough. There were farms and the food was much healthier. There were forests and the oxygen was rich. In the past century oxygen levels have dropped from 34% oxygen rich atmostphere to 25%. This is a huge change and there is no way our bodies have adjusted yet.

    It went on to say "Last week, President Barack Obama asserted that growing inequality is 'the defining challenge of our time', signaling that it will be a major theme for Democrats in next year's elections." He is talking about the 54% of people living in poverty. He is saying that we all need to be the same... or at least those who aren't rich need to be the same. This means they all need the same health care, pay, cars, etc. We are the new slaves and we can see this clearly now because people like Obama and Congress have declared themselves immune to things like Obamacare and taxes.

    This is how the wealthy people in the shadows decide the rest of our lives. Most people wouldn't pick up on this theme. From all of the thousands of articles that come out every month, this one will stand out to anyone with the eye for it. The power players in the back issue these edicts and presidents repeat them. This is how they communicate and people like us are left in the dark. Brokor talks about it all the time going on in movies. How do we discern this from all of the other stuff he says? Because of the context in which it was said. After many years of listening to them speak you can start to pick up on it easily. This is why the young are so easily controlled and influenced; they don't catch it and the old don't have the will to fight.

    When I think of how it used to be, when most people lived on farms or grew their own foods or had gold or silver, it is painfully clear that this is war. It is a war for our minds right now because we have not fought back in any way. They want us to have faith in their crooked 'for profit' courts, their insurance schemes, their fake banks and phony money. If we stop using them it will become a physical war. We want peaceful solutions but they will force physical war. They have said publicly that it WILL happen but aren't sure if it will be peaceful slavery where we all love our chains or outright war.

    Are you armed or do you want to be a slave? Those are your choices whether you want them or not. War is upon you.

    Some will love their chains. Those people are the enemy as well for they are pawns of the enemy of their own free will.

    Rise of the 'new rich': 1 in 5 Americans reach affluence | Dallas Morning News

    Federal Poverty Guidelines
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    saw this the other day and it hits the nail on the head i think. Years ago if you wanted something, you worked hard for what you wanted, to make a better life for your family. The ultimate end of O-holes path, we all fail.

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    Actually the 62k figure for 2 people represents an income 400% over the federal poverty line, which is 15.5k. For two people to qualify, they can't gross more than 1681 a month.

    Eligibility | Food and Nutrition Service

    I agree with ya on the rest tho. Obama and his ilk won't be satisfied until we've all been reduced to barely scraping by, because then we won't be better off than those who refuse to even try.
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    62k seems a little high to qualify for federal assistance. Where did you come up with this dollar amount?
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