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    Well, last week we had a friend from the forum come out to do some butchering. When I got ready to load up our cage for hauling livestock on the trailer I found it was in even worse shape than I thought, so went and gathered up some cattle pannels and built a new one. We went to the livestock auction Thursday evening where a brain fart cost me a great deal. They had 17 silver quarters they were auctioning off and there was apparently only 1 other person who realized they were worth more than 25 cents, I was bidding on them based on smelt price being around 12x face, main problem being that I was doing the math based on dimes so stoped bidding and let the other person have them at $1.60. We also picked up a coupe of rabbits and our friend picked up about 12 chickens for $3 each and a 350 lbs pig for $70.

    Friday we started in to butcher the chickens but found they had been laying eggs over night. Since our friend was spliting the meats with us in return for helping out at the auction and walking her through the butchering, we decided to go through and pick out some of the hens to keep for layers. We went ahead and butchered the rest of te chickens then after a lunch break and a bit of target shooting we slaughtered the pig and got it skinned, gutted, split and hung up.

    We went out Saturday and cut up the pig and ground some up, got it packaged and loaded up a couple ice chests for her full of pork and chickens and have some of the pork that we will be smokeing this week for her to come back and pick up.
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