Random survival facts. Can you add more?

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    Adults can use intermittent fasting to stretch rations by eating a meal every other day for months.

    Hydration should never be shirked. 1/2 your body weight in oz every day if possible. If you don't drink enough, toxins will kill you before your fat resources are used up if starving.

    Eat the offal. Livers and organs can provide valuable nutrition. Avoid predator livers due to potency.
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    Ripe Chinaberry can be boiled with grain and the grain then used to render birds too uncoordinated to fly. Ducks, geese, turkeys, or even dove and songbirds can be harvested this way.

    In a couple of hours the birds fully recover. Make sure wingclipping or caging is done before then.

    I suggest not eating the intoxicated birds.
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  3. Zimmy

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    Burn lots of seashells and bones in a hot fire then sprinkle all the ashes over non-flowing water.

    The ash will react to the oxygen in the water and force any fish to the surface gulping air. Pick what fish you want while they are like this. In 20 minutes the fish will return to normal as the effects dissipate.
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    Ground up hackberries (while gritty as hell) have similar nutrition value as peanut butter in regards to carbs, fats, and protein. Bricks of the mush dried in the sun can last up to two years in a cool and dry place. Possibly the best primitive long term storage ever.
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    I once had a can of SPAM within it's date range that was fuzzy when opened. No apparent damage to the can.
    So, the idea that canned SPAM lasts forever tain't so. :oops:
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    I recently compiled a bunch of these into the top survival myths with sources, including all the ones you mentioned OP.
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    If I suspect food poisoning I immediately evacuate my stomach's contents and then consume several ounces of apple cider vinegar fallowed by water .
    It much harder to drink very much vinegar if you try to thinn it in water .
    As a precaution I include several ounces of Colloidal silver to insure the bacteria is reached no matter where it's gone in my digestion.
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    use bacon fat to make a Bacon Poultice... It will draw boils, splinters, and may be of use in the event of a spider or a snake bite....

    Place a piece of bacon fat over the infected/affected area place a cotton ball on top and tape it down... give it a while (24-48 hours) and remove... fry the remaining bacon and have a snack while you wait....

    Other things bacon can do...

    1. Nosebleeds. Last October, Stanford otolaryngologist Ian Humphreys developed a nasal tampon made out of bacon that cured a young girl’s bloody nose, an accomplishment for which he was awarded a 2014 IgNobel Prize in medicine. “Apparently the high salt content of bacon is believed to induce swelling which causes the blood vessels to constrict slowing the flow of blood and helping clotting,” writes Gunter. When Humphreys won the IgNobel, Robert Jackler, chair of Stanford’s otolaryngology department, told Stanford’s Scope medical blog, “We are squealing with pride.”
    2. An incredibly disgusting-sounding infection called furuncular myiasis in which the larvae of an insect called Dermatobia hominis nest in the human soft tissue or skin, resulting in boils and sometimes tissue destruction. Shudder. “The treatment largely consists of manually picking out the larvae with tweezers,” writes Gunter. “Apparently bacon fat can be used as bait to lure the larvae to the skin surface for faster and more effective removal.”
    3. Scabies. Apparently, bacon fat was once used in topical sulfur and salicylic acid creams used to treat this itchy and highly contagious skin infection. A 1991 study compared the bacon fat formulation to the more modern cold cream version and finds, Gunter writes, that “while the cold cream combination was 100% effective versus 88 percent for the bacon fat base the authors noted that the bacon fat concoction was 238 times less expensive than the cheapest scabicidal medication in the U.S.”
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    @Witch Doctor 01 fry the bacon after ..i must be sick because that was funny

    I had nose bleeds as a kid, I just used vaseline.
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