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    Pretty Pictures

    <small>October 20th, 2007 <!-- by Seacowboys --></small> I enjoy pretty pictures. I don’t really care if it is a landscape, a sea-scape, a beautiful woman, a mother with her child, a running horse, or even a Campbell’s soup can; what I enjoy is that the image and all that it conveyed to you is preserved forever, frozen in definition and subject to interpretation. My mind is filled with images; fifty-two years worth. Some of those images would be best discarded. Some images hide in shadows and only become visible during moments of doubt. Yet many of those images offer more detail as time fades their pixels, more insight into what we have become and why. The face looking back at me in the mirror is not the young man I remember, yet there is something still familiar about him. I see more sadness than cynicisms; more resolve than hope. I have seen that face gazing on the death of a friend and I have seen that face grinding the bones of his enemies into meal to bake his bread but he doesn’t frighten me.

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    No Bumps in the Road

    <small>October 20th, 2007 <!-- by Seacowboys --></small> I get up earlier than I have to and drive further to and from work to avoid three speed bumps in the road. The day will come that who-ever holds the patent on the things will rue my existence. I am going to retire one day with more money than I have time left alive to spend and since I don’t especially like my children, I’ll spend every damned dime on a suit to recover jangled nerves, steering alignments, head-lights that fell out, and and coffee spilled in my lap. Somewhere, there are jet-setting useless silver-spoon fed brats that live the life of Riley on “My old man invented the speed-bump”. Me and my nuevo-barrister are coming after you, asshole.
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