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    Ok you have been warned. Mods please forgive me.


    In southwest Missouri there was two guys that confessed to raping and killing a 9 y/o little girl. One of them was the girls stepfather, that just a couple of days before his partner in crime (literally) finally confessed, was on TV crying saying he would never do anything to hurt her. He went on to say that she was as much his daughter as the mothers.

    Now I am a strick Constitutionalist and beleave that it should rarely be amended. But we need an amendement to say that the punishment will fit the crime. People like this need to be RAPED with a ballbat and then beaten to death with said ballbat, in public!!!!!! That way anyother sick &^%*^'s out there that are thinking of doing the same thing will know what they are going to get as well. It just blows my mind that people won't start standing up and say this is enough!!!! I swear that if someone ever did it to my daughter the LEO's better beable to get him from the jail to the court house without taking him outside because if they left me with slightest opening there would be one dead SOB!!!!!!!!!!!

    RANT OFF, and no I don't feel better.

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    I used to feel the same way. Several years ago, someone explained it to me in a way that changed my view.

    Those "men" are evil. Their crime was so heinous that they can never be allowed to walk among civilized men again. By all means, they should be executed. But execution is a last resort. It's purpose is not to punish, as punishment is for those with some hope for rehabilitation. Execution is simply a means to remove a dangerous, irreparably defective, person from society. It must always be a somber event, just like any other death. We can't allow ourselves to derive pleasure, or joy, from a man's death, no matter how evil he is. Why? Because that's what makes us better than them.
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    I've heard that those whom rape and kill children have an exceptionally tough time in prison. They may just get that 'baseball bat' treatment. and again and again and again.
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    I am not saying that I would get pleasure from them being punished for the crime. I don't get pleasure from punishing our daughter when it's needed, it's just something that needs to done and dealt with. Somethings just need to be punished more severly than others. If it were done in public then everyone would understand just how serious the punishment is.

    As far as getting the baseball treatment over and over in prision, I hope they do because they surely need it.

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    I would gladly spend the rest of my life in prison to protect my girls .

    i don't think public execution would prevent crimes like this from happening, but it sure would make me feel better knowing they got what they gave
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    dat not good :(
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