Rapidobe - cheaper, faster, easier alternative for construction

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    This is how to get your BOL bunker set up for cheap and easy.

    It's a really simple construction system using dirt and billboard tarps. You could do this even in a very remote location, as the materials required are very lightweight.

    The basic design is posts, then stucco mesh, then thick fabric (billboard vinyl). Pack with dirt, and once things are settle in, stucco the outside. For the stucco mesh, we use orchard netting, as it's cheap and available.

    We call this system Rapidobe (rapid - adobe).

    We made a 35ft by 4ft freestanding wall in 2 days with 3 people. We also built a 35ft by 2.5ft retaining wall in a day with 3 people.

    For a freestanding wall, you do 2 lines of posts, and then the billboard tarp forms a "U" shape in between the posts, like a big bag. Fill, tamp, tie off, stucco, and you're done.

    Here's some more information with detailed photos:

    We'll be doing a barn later this month using this method, and I expect it to work really well, as the site is dug into a hill, and also has some flat areas.
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    Interesting....gives me some ideas.

    I would like to see what a .308 round does to it from 100 yds though. Are you going to do any testing like this?
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    I haven't shot at it, but I'd be surprised if a bullet would go through 12"+ of compacted earth surrounded by reinforced concrete. It might, but it's velocity would be greatly reduced.
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    Interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing.
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    I'm not worried about A bullet....I'm worried about bulletS.

    I'm not disagreeing...I was just wondering if you were going to do any testing. I like the name BTW.


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    no way it stops a .308 ..... lucky if it slows down a .223 ......

    something like that is ok for a temporary wall but it won't last ..... those vertical braces (tree branches ??) are going to snap when the dirt fill slumps .... there's some great free info available thru the US Army .....
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    A new idea on use of adobe to put in my tool box.
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