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    Of course the 'net is a wealth of information, You tube carries various survival related videos. Some of the best I've found are posted copies of a bbc tv series by Ray Mears a primitive survival author.theystart here "Aboriginal britain""
    the brits seem to use the term "bushcraft" for primitive skills and if you search "bushcraft" on youtube or google vids you will find everythging fron polished bbc productions to 8 yearold kids horsing around the backard doing spoofs. There's also a primitive skills teacher who posts under "abo dude" and look up "permaculture" you find the same earth oriented folks..... i find this earth orientation "right" for reasons I can't scientificallty justify.

    Ray mears "aboriginal britain#1"
    YouTube- Aboriginal Britain
    starting a fire with a bow drill seems to be a national hobby in britain there are quite a few vids explaining the bow drill fire, abo dude also demonstrates a bow drill fire. abo dude # 2 or abo dude # 3, explore on your own.
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    I have the book "Bushcraft", by Mears, and it influenced much of my early learning. Great stuff.
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