Reasons for TEOTWAWKI

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    The white mice declare that they have found the answer to their question and will be unplugging the computer in ten minutes.

    President Hillary Rodham Clinton out laws beer and all tobacco products and to make up for the loss income the U.S.A. raises the income tax to 75%.

    All hunting is outlawed in the U.S.A., famine follows and the U.S.A. has to get relief shipments of food from Africa.

    PETA stages a coup takes over the government of the U.S.A. at which time they announce that they are in fact cannibals.

    All of the fast food joints in the U.S.A. go out of businesses at the same time 67% of the U.S.A. population starve to death.

    Every man in the U.S.A. is wearing mismatch socks, marking the start of the revolution.

    Homosexuality becomes the norm. All of the breeders are rounded up and used as baby making slaves.

    All weapons are outlawed along with anything that can be used for self defense crime rate hits 83%.

    The operation of all local, state and federal government agency’s including all law enforcement, fire departments, utilities, education courts, incarceration and military are contracted to civilian corporations.

    The use of paper money is abolished. In order for citizens to purchase any goods they must have a personal I.D. chip implanted.

    All children must take an I.Q. test on there 12th birthday all children scoring over 100 on the test will have a tree planted in there honor.

    Cloning is perfected allowing pedophiles to adopt themselves.

    All persons deemed prior to or at any time after their birth “To be unable, to become or be a productive citizen.” will have a tree planted in there honor.

    Drugs replace parents.

    The smileys gain inelegance, unite and hold the world hostage. [kneelsuckers][gun][reddevil][flm]:rolleyes:[winkthumb]:mad:[angelsad][kissit]:mad:[whistle2][axe][loco]:rolleyes:[shiftyeyes];)[wannamesswitme]o_O[rockon][afro][stayback][wannamesswitme][sawgunner]:evil:[haay][gun][camo][gun2][gasmask][devilfu]
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    The answer is....."42"! :)
    Eat a burrito before bed last night? (Wicked bad dream)..
    You forgot tomention the 5000%tax on all ammunition manufactured after January 2009
    And the uber commercialism of the internet (internet2; licensing websites only to U.S. corporations with gross receipts of over 1mil/year.
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