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  1. enloopious

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    I think we are more than ready for this. How often do you hear the word America on TV? True you hear the United States all the time but rarely do you hear America. This is because it is not in use anymore. It has been abandoned. Sitting idle. Where is the capitol of America? There is a very good argument that states it is still in Philadelphia, PA. The capitol of the United States incorporated is in Washington DC but that is not part of our country. It is like the Vatican in Rome. They are not part of Italy, they are their own country. DC stands for District of Columbia. Where is Columbia? Its not a where, its a godess. Columbia pictures has her as their mascot. She is the Great architect of the universe or intelligent design as we've all heard before.

    Ben Franklin walked out of the building in Philly where the US constitution was borne and a woman asked him what they had given us. His response was "a Republic, if you can keep it". This is seen by many as a sign of the freedom we all got that day but the words were actually a dire warning that many like him would be trying to take that Republic from us. They must have it in order to maintain power over the world. It is required that we remain slaves for them to be kings. It is not that we would take their power but rather have our own power and when everyone is special, no one is special.

    A letter was sent to Chancellor of Germany before WWI stating that if the people of America were allowed to continue on their current path every citizen of this country would have more power than any king in the world and it's true. That is how our country was designed, so that every man would be a king and every woman would be a queen. This is the goal of a country with a strong middle class. The middle class is where freedom comes from. Having no middle class is where slavery comes from. Aristotle wrote about this extensively.

    During WWII the Japanese desired to invade America but they decided against it because every citizen had arms. The entire country was armed to the teeth and that army was much more powerful than any standing army in the world and even more powerful than all of the combined armies of the world for they were free and NO ONE can stand against free men by using paid slaves and expect to win.

    All of the answers to all of the problems of the world are ours for the taking. They are available for us to take and use if only we have the will to do so. Look at how much money and resources and infrastructure it takes to make government work. Look at the massive debt they incur fighting a silent war against us the people. Look at all the palms they have to grease, things they have to buy, brain power they expend to keep us continually enslaved. It is a MASSIVE burden for them to carry and still it is faltering. People are STILL waking up and realizing their right to freedom. For us it costs nothing to wake up but a small portion of mental energy. That is all it takes but to keep us enslaved is much much harder.

    We don't need their permission to be free! They need our permission to keep us enslaved. Now you can see how much work they must do to keep it going.

    If they didn't exist, if the government didn't exist and the world was the same today but they were magically gone what would you do? What would you do if you were free today?
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    Very true. Many would argue that things have changed or what did they say?"The constitution is an outdated document?" No, I am one of the many that believe Constitution is a very wise document. The rules they set down are ones that can be applied throughout the ages.

    As for that small portion of mental energy, well many are so spent and tired from day to day struggle to keep their head above water. People are getting beat down with debt, when people are sinking they have self doubt and loathing, many think they are a failure... on and on. I think many can't fight because they have lost their hope.
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    I'm not sure where you're going with this. If the question is what would I do without government, the answer is I would be trying to establish myself as a warlord because that's the system we'd be under.

    Even the founding fathers believed we need some kind of government; how much and how big is another matter. The Dark Ages in Europe were a direct result of the fall of Rome. With no strong central authority holding everyone together, the continent descended into a group of tribes run by you guessed it --warlords-- who ruled by the sword but had little influence outside of their small regions.

    The notion that the Japanese did not invade the US "because every citizen had arms" and "the entire country is armed to the teeth" is way off the map. The Japanese did not bomb Pearl Harbor because they were afraid of the Americans. Quite the opposite, they thought we were weak and could be easily defeated. The end game the whole time was to bring down the US. The quote commonly attributed to Admiral Yamamoto about "a rifle behind every blade of grass" sounds like respectful fear but there is absolutely zero evidence that he ever made this statement (see Misquoting Yamamoto ), nor did the Japanese ever consider giving up their plans out of concerns for an armed American civilian population.

    Of course, that was then and this is now. The average American has a lot less trust in government than we did pre-WW II. And I don't have the facts to prove it but I'll bet private gun ownership is a lot higher than it was back then too. I'm sure I'm not the only one who senses that John Q is getting completely fed up with government and we're really really close to blowing our collective stack. Personally, I think it's a good thing that US government, not the Japanese or anyone else, is afraid of more and more guns in honest civilian hands. Let them stay good and afraid. That means the Second Amendment is doing its job.

    My prediction is that there are very difficult times ahead that may involve armed violence, but we will come out better and more free on the other side.

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    Yep, us natives are becoming restless. See the latest on the failures at the VA? I used to have some respect for Shinseki, and thought he'd do well at the top there. Just another retiree looking for a sinecure. Then there's the uprising in NY state with the governor sitting on his hands with gas well drilling, and the DRBC is following suit in some areas of PA. Then, there's the anti pipeline bunch that are vocal, but a minority that their representatives are figuring out it's noise, not a majority. Don't forget the boycotting of the hotel chain that is owned by the crown in Brunei because the government is instituting Sharia law in that country. Don't forget the uproar over the forced inflation known as Quantitative Easing, or the Bundy issue with the BLM. And there's the inability of the armed forces to coordinate ammo requirements that has finally got the congress's attention, supposedly. And then there's zero taking power he isn't entitled to take. (Cuomo is trying the same tricks in NY.) How about the excessive force charges laid on the Albuquerque cop shop? Citizens kicked that off, not the AG. Let's not forget the IRS crap over 501(C)3 corps.

    And this =

    And the protesting over Common Core by students AND parents.

    Let's not forget global warming and immigration as diversions.

    Just scratching the surface. Wake up calls lying all over the place, there's a general feeling of impending consciousness in the land. It would be nice to focus the disparate grumpiness on one issue at a time. Too bad there are so many, just dilutes the efforts. Par of the grand plan? Nah, they ain't that smart.
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    When I read that question my first answer/thought was I would be working. I always work and I would continue to work. I would continue to pull my weight and contribute to society. @Tevin is correct, societies do need some form of government, otherwise there would be lawlessness.
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  6. kellory

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    I hear drums in the night..... the natives are restless.
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    slow is smooth and smooth is fast- that is the motto I read over and over with shooting and military. In the simmering of times remember this motto.
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  8. kellory

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    Aim small, miss small.
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  9. tacmotusn

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    are you deaf? I too hear the drums, but they aren't just at night. The drums beat nonstop. It's coming. They are the drums of a war. A revolution.
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  10. Mike

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    The constitution lives. It lives in the hearts of those who have served under it's golden promise of freedom. It lives because of the sacrifice of all of those who have served and fought to "Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic".

    It lives because of history teachers in the 50's and early 60's (before the peace/drugs/free love movement) who taught the Constitution, it's nuances, it's checks and balances, and it's wisdom to minds whos fathers, uncles, brothers, mothers, aunts, sisters had served their nation either actively or as family members of those servicemen/women. It lives because it defines a dream of freedom that those in the "Old Country" could never achieve. It lives because of the high ideals and shining hope it gives to every man/woman/child who seeks freedom and that chance to better themselves and make a better life for their children.

    This is why it is not an outdated document to be trampled by the tyrants that parade themselves before Americans as politicians and leaders.
  11. Yard Dart

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    The people of this nation demand freedom of thought, movement, religion, speech, arms, liberty, freedom, equality.... and so on. Today we do not have that feeling or notion that we are living let alone that our government is enabling those rights that are firmly held within our constitution. The people in general... the sheep and the patriots standing watch, are all seeing this to some degree and are starting to stir, have an opinion... or preparing to take action. The number one thing we are, is Americans.... and we will not bow to servitude by a tyrannical government... we have shown that before (English gone packing) and we will show it again when pressed..................................

    I think we at this time, have been pressed pretty hard, what is the point that we say enough, the American people will decide. In my opinion it will be sooner than later. When you look at the militarization of the local .gov with military tools and machines (MRAP's and so on)... the .gov thinks the same.... and is trying to get ready for the backlash of the people..... we will not be subjected to the whims of the tyrant. The American people will either stand against tyranny and be free....... or we will be subjected to a tyranny like no nation should be............
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  12. enloopious

    enloopious Rocket Surgeon

    Where I am going with this? The title is the rebirth of America. The point is that the American government has been abandoned. We all know this but haven't been able to put our finger on it. There is nobody at the helm. The "president" of the United States has a flimsy association with the president of America but does none of those duties. The post is abandoned, sitting vacant, waiting for a real leader to take the reigns while they pour all of their effort into the USA INC. the America we all know and love is adrift. Let us claim salvage rights over it as chattel property. We shall claim the land, not the legal fiction that exists today. Free men stand ON the land. Fictional characters live IN incorporated areas. I live on the territory of California, not in the state (of mind) of CALIFORNIA.

    I suggest we start a grass roots campaign to get support for America. We can use crowd funding platforms, donations, volunteerism, etc. We setup the proper Capitol of America, restore the militias, and create a light in the darkness. If there is as much support as everyone seems to think then it will work. There has to be at least 3% and I am pretty sure that it is much more than that.

    I say we use the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and we add a section outlawing mind control (tv) since that technology wasn't available when it was written and outlaw titles of nobility. We also add the highest of penalties for treason. If the President sits as head to the UN like Obama did and is "President of the world" then he should be hanged for high treason. Outlaw corporations and fiat money/fractional reserve banking like it used to be.

    We create a means to restore the middle class and make it healthy. Very healthy. We establish schools that actually teach and give parents a choice between them and public schools. What would you do to get your kids an education that wasn't polluted and corrupt? We teach everyone to be leaders. We teach civics and Aristotle in schools so people can know what the difference between a Republic and an Oligarchy is.

    We create our own courts that enforce American law as opposed to British Law and we prosecute police, politicians, and govt officials who break those laws. No mercy.

    We make ALL information free and outlaw public secrecy and have a completely transparent government. No private courts or secret meetings. Anyone found doing treasonous acts that hurt the country should be hanged or otherwise killed publicly. Anyone who utters Democracy should be castigated. Anyone who makes public stuff secret and private stuff public should be hanged.

    We make all technology open source so the country can grow. We share it, create a network like the internet or use the darknet and distribute everything. We get people who are leaders in their fields to join our cause. We can establish universities and infrastructure and there are many ready to join this cause. We can get the reservations to join us because we don't want anything from them but their partnership and support. We can start minting our own coins, opening our own stores, growing our own non-gmo food. We can do these things today and many are already doing them. Many are ready and waiting for this and only need the chance to join. I say we unite the clans. It wont take me and it wont take you, it will take all of us working toward a common goal. If we set the example others will follow.

    We make every aspect of this separate and self sufficient. If we start a space program then it runs itself. People contribute to what they feel is important and don't for the things they don't want. This is the only true way to naturally grow society in general. I think this is our best chance to make a stand. Those are my thoughts on the subject.
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  13. Yard Dart

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    Val Halla is far removed from this day..... I think that many of the things you say are g0od!!! But I for one doubt in the unity of the people.. we are torn as a nation by the liberals that would rather divide than unify us under a common purpose. Odin has no need for cowards, accomplices, traitors,vagrants, or leaches to the society...... [viking]
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  14. kellory

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    Candycane dreams, and lollipop wishes.

    You can't have it both ways. you want public stuff public, and private stuff private, and death for offenders.

    Then you want ALL information free. Too bad, some of it is mine. You can't have it.
    Then let's make everything open source.... is a rock or tree open source? How about water? If I have a pond on my land is that open source? Can just anybody take or add to it? What about the health of my pond, my fish, my water source? Oh, wait.... is my land open source too? There goes private property rights.

    We create a means to make the middle class healthy, very healthy.... um, well, go ahead. What is your business model? What is your method? do we have a magic lamp in this scenario? Because that is about what it would take.
    The economy is an engine. It runs on futures, profits, faith, and elbow grease.. it is restricted by regulation, and taxes. Profits are the throttle, and they control the growth of new innovation. Without profit, there is none.

    Outlawing titles of nobility..... we do not HAVE a royal family. Are we banning something just to make sure we never get one? That sounds like a liberal, wanting to make decisions for everyone else. Perhaps we should ban gravity as well? Instant weight loss! I know! Let's ban fat people, with death for offenders! We will cure obesity if it kills you!:) how about we just ban indiscriminate banning? It would make more sense to borrow a page from the ancient Greeks, and make anyone who proposes a new law, to do so with a noose around his neck, and if the law fails.... tighten the noose.

    Your utopia offends me. Not because of the goal, but because of what it really means. You would take from me, and others like me, without giving value on return. That's theft. You can dress it in lofty goals, but it is still theft. What I create from my mind is mine alone, and no one but I have the Right to decide what to do with that product, or how much profit I should be allowed to make from it. Or even how much money I should be allowed to have at all.

    That is what your utopia really means. Everyone the same, everything shared freely. If that is truly what you want, you should support Obama, because that is socialism in a nut shell. And that is also HIS goal.

    As it is, we who work for a living, are each and every one of us carrying one who does not. And you would strive to kill off incentive to excel, to succeed, against all odds, and become wealthy (as if money were evil, or corrupt ).

    Look beyond your theories, to see the methods. The methods are ugly.
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  15. enloopious

    enloopious Rocket Surgeon

    Some times I think that it is possible and that people are smart enough to realize how easy it is... and then Kellory proves me wrong. Are you sure you replied to the right post?

    I try to use plain English so that everyone can understand but clearly by your response you have heard the opposite... or else you are just being purposely obtuse. I think the word for you is crepe-hanger or maybe troll.
  16. mysterymet

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    Making all technology open source is not good. As an engineer we value IP. If a device is thought up in my mind and I spend time and energy perfecting it why would it be a good thing if someone else can come along and make exactly the same thing but sell it for cheaper? They can do this because they didn't spend all the money on development.
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  17. Motomom34

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    You want to Incorporate the USA? You want a penalty for mind control, who determines what is and isn't mind control? The militia is here, it lives and breathes.

    @enloopious all is not gone, all is not lost. We have the basic foundation and it is a solid good foundation. It is up to the people to rise or fall. I tend to be optimistic otherwise I would be depressed. I see people pushing back but they are doing it in a mature manner, step by step. You can't go around wanting to hang people cause that is tyranny and tyranny is not the America.

    IMO you are frustrated and you want what we had in the 90's or 70's or 60's. Those times have passed, never will be again. Sometimes I have to step back from the news, basically a time out, maybe you need a timeout. I had someone calling me filthy names and personally attacking me yesterday on the web. He was angry that I was not bowing down to the agenda, I proved him wrong with facts and information, surprisingly he deleted all his posts. His posts were fallacy, maybe he learned to question the agenda just not swallow the lies/misinformation whole. I like to think that maybe I helped open his eyes. Start locally, what starts in a whisper may end with a roar.
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  18. kellory

    kellory An unemployed Jester, is nobody's fool. Banned

    Simple?You keep using that word.:

    To desent from your lofty goal is troll-like? Really? All hail @enloopious the first (and last), emperor! Just don't look too closely, for the Emperor hath no clothes....

    You there... Off with your head!!![sarca]
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  19. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    The Constitution, and the Ten Commandments will do as guidelines for me. They have served me well, and I understand right and wrong quite well. I am not amoral. I have common sense. I have no problem with individuality and opinions that disagree with mine. That is their right, no matter how different from mine. I respect that as long as you don't try to ram your opinion or individuality that I might not agree with down my throat. We could add the golden rule as well. I do not like Presidents who skirt the Constitutional process and totally ignore the will of the people. I also have a problem with Judges, including SCOUS who seem to not understand that they are not there to make law, but instead to see to it that lesser men and courts may have drifted from the Constitution, and that all laws and actions need to be held accountable to that! Not to the latest fad or whim of the people or the top Executive Branch leader. Many Governments, Religions, and Combos of these are not tolerant of individual rights or dissenting religions or lack of. Our system was designed to be about the individual and freedom of religion. No religion within the national boundaries of the USA should be allowed to suppress the rights of another religion. When any religion would advocate the taking of lives of another religions members because they don't believe the same, then THAT needs to be reined in through the legal system. I don't give a rats ass how they do it in Asia, Africa, or Arab countries. In the USA they have to tolerate or ignore each other and allow the various different religions to peacefully coexist, or be held accountable through our legal system.
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  20. ghrit

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    Loopy, you have a utopian goal (in post 12) that cannot be reached readily, if at all. Too many contradictions in the minds of man to allow it. One thing that jumps out at me is a lack of definition of "middle class." (You ain't the only one that hasn't defined it, start with Glorious Leader of the free world, all his henchmen, and all those that think they are owed it, whatever it is.) The fact of "middle" is that there must perforce be higher and lower classes to go with it. If the goal is flat equalization of all, with the same advantages and disadvantages, where's the incentive to improve, where's the incentive to grow? Without the incentive, there's no point, and the middle becomes the lowest common denominator, and never gets better. No matter where anyone slotted into the bell-shaped curve of caste is in the grand scheme of things, it seems that no one is in the middle, it's always a couple dollars of worth higher.

    I agree that there's change required, but not some forward leap envisioned by GL into a shining future dictated by some sort of oligarchy similar to that now in place. Were the oligarchy benign, we would not be at this place at all, and may indeed be better off across the board. But this one is not benign, it's evil, and even if benign, it would still have to be in control. (See also - We need a great leap backward to an era where laws were respected, growth was the goal, growth wasn't strangled by nonsensical regulation, and devil take the hindmost if they can't keep up. (That does NOT mean tromp on the downtrodden, but it DOES mean lead, follow, or get out of the way.)

    Stranger in a Strange Land just ain't gonna happen.

    The 3% exists, maybe plus or minus. The question in my mind is whether the 97% will just sit there, wring it's hands and watch the 3%ers win, lose, or draw, or get a wake up call.
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