recent cristchurch earth quake lessons and logic

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    recently in cristchurch new zealand the was a massive earth quake that destroyed most of our city leaving power and water disabled for many days
    quickly food and petrol become scarce. ques for many petrol stations and other services increased expediently 200 people died in the first few days
    from collapsed buildings and ruble

    in the worst building affected the Christchurch ctv building over 50% of the casualties occurred search teams swarmed on this building to save as many as they could on the second day of searching an air pocket of 15 people was located with the frantic response a fire was triggered only screams were heard the press was ordered to drop the story of course this information was slowly leaked by the many search volunteers

    the lesson learned by this story is that it is best to take your time around flammable materials and to be extra cautious when others lives are at stake of course the searchers had no way of know this was going to happen and therefore we must learn

    due to the massive power and water outage many people dug makeshift toilets in their backyards the general rule is that dig it far enough away from your home so you don't stink the place out and to make it deep enough to avoid the troubles of a pile up also if you are having trouble
    doing the do out on your lawn is to remove your toilet seat and put it on-top of a bucket with the base cut out

    water when the quake struck we were and still are deprived of water this is because the sewage main and the drinking water pipes were ruptured many places around the city these two pipes run parallel to each other due to this the water and sewage are mixed and we have to purify the water before drinking the standard for this is keeping the water at boiling point for at least three minutes with low levels of pollution this is only necessary to get it to boiling point
    another way to obtain water is collecting rain or by traveling to near by town to collect safe drinking water in large containers and then returning to your home with your catch
    finally on the subject of water emediatly after a quake if your water tank is still stable go to your street entrance and find a small pipe covered by a black rectangle turn the tap all the way off the remaining water in your tank should be safe to drink
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