Recipes for homemade dog food?

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    Does anyone have recipies for homemade dog food? We just lost our 9 year old lab to cancer and we are really scared of losing our Have, Bells. I want to make my own dog food so I can control what goes into her food.

    Can anyone tell me what our little babies require, what not to give them and how much? She is 1 1/2 years old, 8.5 lbs and has been fixed. AND I DON'T WANT TO LOSE HER!!!! I would rather chew off my right arm than lose my baby girl!

    Thank you
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    Welcome aboard!
    I will post up a few recipes later, but the number 1 thing to avoide is grains and corn.
    That said, salmon and sweet potatoe with peas and carrots is always a really good blend ( what I feed my furkids) and they both do very well on it! Lamb and Beaf with the veggies listed above are also really good. A fresh partially cooked egg twice a week and a can of albacore tuna once a week is also very good for them. You can get Salmon oils at most places, and add a pinch of fresh garlic and a few sprigs of mint to the food and they will be good to go! Contrary to popular beliefs, you can feed dogs Salmon and tuna, it must be fully cooked all the way through!
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    Select cow or pig or other animal.............. Shoot said animal......... Skin animal, chop animal up......... cook animal into a stew like substance..... freeze stew like substance............ feed to dogs as needed. Works for my pack.
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    There, fixed that for you ;p

    Ditto on the NO GRAINS.

    My dogs get raw. Basically try to match what they would get if they were to hunt and kill there own meal (assuming there not to dumb to actually grab the freaking pheasant instead of jump on it then stand with a dumbarse grin as it flys away )
    Lotsa meat and tripe, descent amount of offal, some good bones (but not weight bearing bones from large animals.) throw in a few eggs here and there. Things like duck necks are really good for smaller dogs to keep there pearly whites in good nick. You can run some greens and things like like a bit of kelp through the blender to add but as far as I’ve been able to assertion, they don’t really need them. However mine like berry’s and will actually pick brambles when in season (also the neibours strawberries keep disappearing....) I figure a hand fully of berry’s every so often doesn’t hurt.
    Cooking it lowers the nutritional value as dogs are designed to eat pretty much the same as wolves, coyote, foxes etc. They aren’t able to digest cooked foods as easily as raw meats
    That said, home cooked whole foods will generally beat out any store bought crap so your still ahead of 90% of people (and the vets)

    One of my clients is a Havanese on a raw diet and he’s doing great. He was on a prescribed diet (vets *cough* money*cough*crap*cough*) when he started coming and was already having skin issues and itching. Cleared right up when she switched him to raw (I think she feeds him a commercial raw that’s basically a mince with the correct meat/offal/bone ratio and a small amount of herbs, berry’s and greens mixed in.. about 5%)
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    I would just feed my dog raw chicken quarters with the bone and also chicken or cow liver.
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    TuNu got banned real fast... guess it was something they said.

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    Make dog food LMAO my dog eats anyone anything live chicken rabbits squirrels caught a bird once and ate all of it but the head moles because of the fence he has not been able to catch other dogs but he does not turn up his nose at burger cooked or not hotdogs leftovers he is not partial to salads or most vegetables but does like carrots fresh he pulled them up himself not tops just the carrot and no beets or citrus like bees horseflies wasps and goes after snakes hates Ma Bell Fedex USPS and any male utility worker all my sides of fence have signs in a few languages and skull & crossbones,

    I am not making him nothing I through down the ingredients he will mix them himself, I don't hand feed him that is asking for it I just chunk it at him if he doesn't like the way it looks it bounces off his head and hits the ground I pick it up later. tried to trick him with a chunk of cucumber boink on the ground a rib end meat and gristle savored that and down the hatch.
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    TuNu was the OP of this thread.
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    What' faster and easier than a frozen chicken quarter?
    I guess it wouldn't work real well if you have a barkless tatical rat dog.
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    Who knew TuNu was too new? I'm not sure what copybook he blotted, but now all he can do is lurk from the sidelines. I hope the follow-on posts were of help to him.
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    We do this full time .
    We try to grow & raise all our food , Milk is in the next few years (have all the milk toys , No cow pasture) Steer pasture were set .
    Milking stables is next .
    Food is ducks & chickens as a base , all greens & birds are clean NO GMO or CHEMS .

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    How does one earn this title ? Does it take points or some special contribution?
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    I forgot if you add a cat turd they will jump on it like prime rib !
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    Yummy, kitty-Roka! It's like Krack for dogs!
    That is until your Neufy eats the entire contents of the litter box and has to have stomach surgery to remove the block of cement left over! Not fun at all!
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    I think some have wondered that of me...I don't tend to put much effort into asking those who have the power to give a definitive reply. :eek:
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