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    And for any precooked foods, you can add honey before processing it further. Honey will keep for EVER if properly stored and will never go bad! Natures best preservative that man cannot even match! I use Honey in just about every thing, even meats and cheeses! I use it in pickling, canning, and fridg preserves. I add it in with my waxes to further protect things! Works really well in helping to preserve most dairy!
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    Square buckets are available, and Had I the $ I would buy a bunch of them.
    What I have done, is separate all my dry goods in portion size bags, and then put them in larger bags, and then in the bucket , all having 02 absorbers in all bags . that way if one fails the rest are there to compensate.
    If the bucket get's shot through, there are enough separate sealed individual bags it's not likely to loose much, versus those that simply throw all their rice in the bucket and an o2 ,expecting the bucket to do it all , with no back up.
    My brother recently gave me bunch of 5 gal oil buckets cleaned and ready to go , I plan to use for caned goods in the event I have to bug out . INCH= I'm Never Coming Home.
    Much easier to handle than boxes ,and the weight and shape are easier to handle especially with a hand truck.
    I don't believe that food grade buckets are necessary, since the bags are already food grade .
    If it is possible to leach any thing from the bucket through the bags then the bags are useless.
    I only consider the buckets as a means of resistance to rodents, and a means of solid transportation .
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    Can you define what you say is stored properly. I read the box of the pasta and there is no mention of egg or oils. I will have to call the pasta company directly but from reading, some say to long-term store pasta they recommended the following:
    place in ziploc bag (having trouble getting to the truth if they leak toxins)
    20+ Foods that must be re-packaged for long-term storage and how to repackage them - Survival Mom Then store in bucket.

    Some say that storing in food storage bags do eventually start to let in air. I usually go through enough pasta to rotate things out but I went a bit over board on the pasta sale so I need long-term and it would be good to know anyways.
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    @ Sgt Nambu

    Here's a drawing of my Cheap-O-Shelves.

    You just cut a bunch of 1X2 cleats, and nail the first row to the wall at about 36" intervals.

    Then you nail on a plywood shelf, while supporting the front edge with cleats.

    Then you line up the front cleats and nail through the shelf into them.

    Repeat for each row, allowing one skinny row so the top shelf will be full height.

    Once all the shelves are in place, stabilize them with full length 1X2s mailed to each shelf.

    The bottom ends of the shelf cleats can be left loose, because they are held in place by the weight of the cans on the shelves.

    Use drywall screws to secure the back cleats to the wall studs, and 2" nails for everywhere else.

    Cheap, rock-solid, and easy to take back down if you ever need to.

    I'm kind of camera-challenged, so I don't have any pics.

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    Another idea would be to fill 2 bags as you already do, then place two empty bags in the bucket, and fill them to where they take up as much of the empty space as possible, left over after inserting the two bags. Maybe utilize a large funnel (or even a hand-made one) to fill the bags? Leave enough room at the top to seal the bag, carefully remove it from your bucket, toss in the O2 eater packet, and seal it. You should still be able to form it so it will fit back into the same spot, especially if you do one of the two bags, put it back in, then do the other.

    Using either of these methods, you'll tend to go through more bags, but you'll end up with less empty space in your buckets.
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    I do too. Just make sure that the roof structure will handle the weight you propose to hang up there.
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