Remington Model 513-T

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by 2Chest1Head, Nov 13, 2012.

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    Found one of these today here locally and thinking it is my next "I have to have that..."!! It seems in pretty good condition. Stock was scratched in a few places but no major dings or cracks. Metal looked to be in good condition with only a few wear marks on bolt and around breech and barrel. Bore clear it just looks like it need a good cleaning. Both sights look to be original Redfield sights and marks on rear sight for elevation and windage are clear and fairly easy to read.

    Just wondering if anyone has any exprerience with this rifle and was is a good price for one in above average but not perfect condition.
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    Nope, but it's a .22 bolt action rifle and I take it it's a target/training rifle if I am not mistaken. That's about all I know, sorry.


    At that link you will find the model 512 and 514 manuals, pretty much the same I imagine. If anybody comes across the original manual for the 513T, just send a copy to the owner of Steve's Pages linked above. I purchased a .22 Mossberg 151k a few years ago and tracked down the original paperwork and created a .pdf and sent it to him and he added it to the site since none were available as .pdf before.
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    Great shooting rifles, and finding one with the correct Redfield 75 rear sight is even better.

    70% $205
    90% $395-450

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    I have a 512 and it is an accurate and reliable little rifle; one of my first guns, it was given to me by my grandfather when I was 10 y.o.
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    The T stands for target; so it is quite accurate.

    To better realize any 22 RF's accuracy, use a rim fire gauge to sort your ammunition. A concentricity gauge is helpful also. I've had excellent results with good (not match) quality ammunition by sorting based on rim thickness.
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