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    I've been here for more than a little while and I was navigating around the site when I accidentally clicked on the tab that says Resources at the top of the page. OMG! What a wealth of information that is included in that tab. Newbees should check that out, if you havn't already because that place will keep you busy for years!

    Another site I have visited offers a CD for off line use of all posts to the site up to a certain date and I would be interested in capturing something like that from Survivalmonkey because that information would be fantastic to have as a backup resource. Anybody else interested?...
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    This is why we encourage New Monkeys to "Pick out a branch, and have a look around" Lots of good info, Hang'en low on our Tree....
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    @Elessar -And it's all still a work in progress, too. Along with resources, Melbo and the crew are always coming up with cool new ways to improve search and navigation functionality.

    I know I tried searching for a particular E-book just yesterday, but didn't find it. I knew it was there, had to resort to going through old threads and obtaining the link. Sure enough, it's there but not found in the resources menu and category listings. Little things like that will get ironed out in time.

    I am glad you like the resources. It's one of my favorite parts of the SM, with it being an information archive and all. :)
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    @Elessar I still offer the DVD, but it is not of all the posts on the Monkey. More of stuff that one might want offline after they burn down the libraries, round up the intellectuals and other nardowells. I didn't make a new one this past Christmas .. too busy in the offline world. Each DVD has been a serious investment in time and energy. So most recent is Xmas 2012 DVD.
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    I'd be interested in one of those disks. Are you planning a new one for this year?
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