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    Oops. Forgot to delete the 3. s/b 15
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    @HK_User & @ghrit Thanks for the advice.

    In many ways falling off the credit bureau radar is very appealing, direct deposit into checking and savings (since SS and pension does not issue checks) paper checks for the utility bills cash at the grocery and other stores, barter when possible..

    But we will do a little bit of travelling with my 200K of flyer miles you can't rent a car with cash and checking into a hotel with a women paying cash raises some red I hear....:eek: so I will keep 2 for a year or so after that?

    It will be a bit of culture shock when the day comes...
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    CC's are a practical SIGN of Personal Self-Control. If you have them, and use them, but Pay Off the Balance each Month, BEFORE any Fees Accrue, It shows Monetary Responsibility.... HOWEVER, if you can't seem to do that, it shows a very Lack of Monetary Responsibility. This is just a General Statement, and does NOT cover Emergencies, and other contingencies, but is mostly True..... Never give the Banksters, a DIME, in Interest, for things that you buy, as "Wants", but are in No Way "Needs"..... ......
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    All good points.
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    " It will be a bit of culture shock when the day comes..."

    More for some than others, major health problems knocked on my door in Y2K and that changed my world for sure.
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    Do i Drop this bomb here or ??

    I've seen 3 sites in NA. hard to comprehend , in the numbers
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    Photos without much proof. Manufacturers of autos do not release them to the public a few at a time, but by model years. This would require stock piling cars until their release date, then transporting them in large batches to dealers.
    This could be following their normal method. As the world population continues to grow, the number of drivers continue to grow, and the number of cars awaiting year/model release would continue to grow.(resulting in issues with parking them).
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    I met a guy a few weeks back. He had retired and was telling me he had never been busier, he was also a very happy person. I cannot imagine retiring. I do know if I did, I would finally have time to do volunteer work.
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  10. HK_User

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    Car Parks like this are the usual result of massive floods. Insurance companies use what ever space they can find, often old airports etc to store the cars until auctioned or destroyed.

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    We had a husband wife team who owned a cleaning service that cleaned our offices and our larger hub sites.
    They sold the business late last year went to Florida a few weeks after they settled in he had a heart attack and died. You hear about those far to often a person works for 40 years retires and dies in the first year of retirement.
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    Ya gotta have a goal [grlft][roflmao][roflmao]
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  13. Pax Mentis

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    I've retired 3 or 4 times already...retired from the feds with 25 years in (got to include military time and state government work under PERS) at about 45 and went to work in the private sector. Retired from that (actually just quit when I reached our retirement savings goal) about 7 years later and bought a Mom & Pop store up here. decided that was too much distraction after about 5 years and sold it. Continued to do computer repair and consulting from home until a few years ago when it again just interfered too much with the things the wife and I wanted to do. Now I will work on something a friend needs done, but won't take money for it because I'd rather just do things my way.

    I have never understood the idea of not retiring because "it would be boring". I have never suffered from nothing to has been more a matter of trying to fit all the things I want to do into my days. In another year or 2 I plan to effectively "retire from prepping", turn the "compound" over to my son and start wandering the country in the motorhome with just a few storage compartments of emergency supplies in case the last days catch me before I make the final retirement...
  14. BTPost

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    When you get as old as Pax, and I, the Prep'en has been done, already, and the maintenance of those Preps, just doesn't require all that much time. Then there is one thing that keeps creeping up on US.... Mr. Grim Reaper.... You don't need a lot of Preps if you time on this Rock is getting short, ANYWAY.... You can count the Folks that have got off this Rock, without meeting HIM, on one Hand.... assuming you read, and believe The Book...... ...... YMMV....
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    Let's see now, this morning I put the front of the jeep on jack stands, built a tree rat death box, feed the cattle, checked the mail painted the "U" bolts for the new leaf springs and a few other things.

    Yup I'm retired with plenty to do.
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    I remember an old timer in the late sixties told me that the reason you retire is so yo will have enough time to make all your various doctors appointments.
    Now that I have been here awhile it is nearly the truth. I have to remember it is my job to contribute to the well being of the medical community ...... biglaff
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    There is some truth in that.

    However, since I hate to go to the Big City going to the Docs affords me the excuse to go to the Mil Base and have an extreme meal on occasion. Neither one would I do if that was my only intent.
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  18. Tevin

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    My parents have been retired for about ten years now and their outlook on life sometimes amuses me. My dad will come over to help me with some task. When we're done, I'll invite him out for a burger and a beer or whatever and he's like, "Nah, I should get home. It's late (5:00 pm???) and I have to get up early tomorrow." He lives ten minutes away.

    One time I could not resist teasing him and said,"You have to get up early for what? For nothing? Oh jeeze dad I would not want to make you late getting up for nothing!"

    My mom will talk about weekend plans as if weekends matter. You're retired, mom. Weekends are irrelevant. Every day is a day off. You can run to the store and work in your garden any day you want. You don't have to wait for Saturday.

    I fault my parents nothing and they fully earned their Golden Years. But oh my! All this talk about their crowded schedule is funny.

    I work full time, including occasional off hours, and manage to find a way to get all my personal business done and still have time to cut loose and relax. On top of that, I'm single/live alone/no kids. There is no Mrs. Tevin. I do everything myself. If I don't do it, no one is there to pick up the slack. I wish I had even a third of the free time they have. I think my parents' heads would explode if they had to live like I do.
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  19. Pax Mentis

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    The difference is that you non-retired folks save time for things you NEED to old folks save time for the things we WANT to do...subtle but real difference :)
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    Not to mention that I have about half the energy I use to have and 1/3 the heart! So I do what I can and what I want to do.

    Jeep front suspension is almost done, itty bitty bits done here and there today, and those 62 year old rusted nuts and bolts are now gone.

    So tomorrow its the final 8 u-bolt nuts and then clean up of the axle and some paint. Maybe back together by night fall.

    Then start on the other end----------------sometime.
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