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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by JRF, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. JRF

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    I live on the east coast and am trying to set up a retreat (in addition to other measures).

    My idea is to purchase some raw land in VA. I was looking east of Richmond. I know there's a rather large military base nearby, but I'm not sure what to make of that. I was planning to buy 40-60 acres and a used travel trailer as a temporary setup. I'd pull the trailer onto the land, get an electrical hookup and secure it in place (maybe take the wheels off, weld some angle iron to the hubs, etc.) I'd keep my supplies in a nearby storage rental facility to avoid pilferage.

    Now, this is all temporary until I have the funds to do more.

    The setup will probably be about an hour from me and an hour from any major metro area.

    The added bonus to me is that I can use the land to hunt and do some 4-wheeling while I accumulate the dough.

    Any opinions pro or con?
  2. SLugomist

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    KINGS DOMINION!!! is that nearby?

    In my opinion,
    Depending on the scenario you'd better dig a deep hole around there with newportnews to one side and DC to another, as well as quantico closer and pax river. The militaryinstallation I think you speak of is not that active, a reserve, but sure could be used in a hurry. The first thought is that's ground zero [flm], zombie central[axe] if the shtf that way. south and west of richmond is kinda clear though. Go west young man. The country to the west is beautiful and almost ideal for a retreat.

    In fact there is a publication I think it;s "Rawles on retreats " you may want to consult. probably a link around here somewheres. good reading
  3. ghrit

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    Go to the southwest along the NC border, or you ain't gonna afford it. In and around Norfolk (or especially Quantico) is NOT the place to set up a hidey hole. Start with, see what you can turn up.
  4. WestPointMAG

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    I would suggest spending a little extra money and buy a piece property with an undiscovered cave on it.
  5. Byte

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    Lol that just got me to giggling. But I sure can't argue with the advice! Maybe just with the logic... [dunno]

  6. WestPointMAG

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    I figured I would get whacked with the stick again over it. I will advise any time that you hire a any work done on the property only hire out of town contractors to do the work, never use then more then once and use a temporary entrance.
  7. Byte

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    I agree concerning PERSEC in regards to getting any kind of work done on one's property that might be even remotely considered 'survivalist'. Break the work up over time and into different projects done by different contractors. Unless your contractor of choice is the one friend you'll be calling the day the hanky drops! :D


    Oh and also...none of the long term food supplies I have shipped actually arrive at the location where they'll be stored. I'll not likely be there either when things get screwy.
  8. Brokor

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    Seriously, it's a great idea -especially if you already live in an urban area. Even a small, affordable piece of land which is tied in to a larger forested area would be more than adequate (a 4 - 10 acre plot is ideal in any off grid area).

    Right now I am having a very hard time finding affordable land in Pennsylvania. All of the links I have exhausted online are primarily plots which Realtors want ten times the price, or aren't even listed unless they are more than 100k. i have been checking, and I can get 40 acres of prime hunting land in (gulp) NE Nevada for under 10 grand....but I can't even find a 10 acre plot in PA for less than 80 thousand.

    What's this about caves? lol. Oh, Batman where are you now?
  9. andy

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    1st welcome to the monkey. there are a few caves in Northen VA, Endless Caverns and Shenandoah Caverns around New Market, VA. There are some in Luray too... any ways stay away from the south east(Norfolk/Portsmouth/VA Beach area) if you can with the bridge tunnels, and high population it will be hell trying to survive out this way unless Martial law is declared and even then... how ever if you have to live out this way look in to Suffolk or any of the smaller towns just over the NC border, like Ghrit said... ok ...up north there is the Shenandoah Valley while a lot of HASMAT get transported through the 95 64 81 corradors there are a lot of good smaller towns that are fairly independent and off the beaten path. look around the George Washington Parkway or Sky Line Drive, these are NatParks. but the farther north you go the closer to DC you get ...lets see stay away from DC and Quantico area for the same reasons as the Norfolk area, BIG targets and way to many people. really VA has more poor spots then good but i guess it could work. don't get me wrong i love VA it's just not that ideal of a location for a retreat imho.
  10. ramallamamama

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    Please keep in mind that many storage places have stipulations in their rental agreements about providing access during times of 'civil unrest'.
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