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    I sat in the dark
    Where no one could see
    I thought about you
    and I thought about me

    I thought about ripples
    and songs in my head
    I thought about feelings
    now long since dead

    I thought about roads
    travelled by day
    I thought about obstacles
    once in my way

    I thought about tears
    that fell on my face
    I thought about laughter
    and friendship's good grace

    I thought about childhood
    with memories strong
    I thought of the future
    and where I belong

    I thought about chances
    I'd been willing to take
    I thought of the risks
    I thought of the breaks

    I thought of the house\
    I once called my home
    and I thought of the ghosts
    and the rooms where they roam

    I thought of the places
    I'd once layed my head
    I thought about those
    who had once shared my bed

    As I sat in the dark
    where no one could see
    I thought about you
    and I thought about me
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    [hrt] Thank you for sharing.
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    Beautiful Dee! Thank you for sharing it with us!
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    That is beautiful! Bookends
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