Review of U.S. Army Elements Jacket & Pants. MASSIF Mountain Gear, Cold, Wet, Fire & Wind Wear

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    I have been testing the U.S. Army Elements Jacket & Pants. as shown below.
    Not a new product but one that does what it says it will do.
    Water Proof, Wind Proof and tough as nails along with being highly fire resistant at 90% Nomex.
    The older Camo Style is easy to came by and inexpensive.
    Another style is the Massif Elements in Coyote Brown, more subtle for EDW and very expensive if purchased new.

    Basically the same product with some design changes in the Jackets.

    The pants have only minor changes between the two types. Both style pants have calf level cargo pockets since this style wear is for Mounted Troops that must spend hours in a vehicle and thigh pockets would not work as well for that group.

    The Caveat as noted below is the standard sized Mil Clothing and the Massif are about one size different. That being the Massif's ergonomic fit is smaller than you might expect.

    Massif Flame Resistant

    Our passion is to design and create advanced technical apparel that protects the
    United States Military and those working in the world’s most challenging environments.
    Constructed with DuPont™
    brand fiber
    Superior Durability
    Highly Water Resistant
    Windproof breathable
    4-way stretch for better
    Easy access to hose port
    Adjustable cuff for custom fit
    and comfort control
    A fantastic warmth-to-weight
    Sage Green & Multicam®
    Designed for the U.S. Air Force, authorized Safe-to-Fly,
    and approved for all aircrew, all platforms, the Massif Elements
    Jacket Cold Weather Aviation System (CWAS), offers in-flight,
    world-class performance using Massif
    Battleshield X
    a flame resistant nylon-faced laminate featuring Gore
    technology. A low profile, ergonomic fit allows for maneuvering
    in tight spaces without compromising access to gear and hose
    port systems. This softshell jacket prioritizes fit and functionality
    resulting in a garment that performs when you do.
    The MASSIF Mission:

    For more information, including size and color availability, please visit: or email: or call 888-462-7743
    All fabrics pass the ASTM D6413/F2302 performance specification for flame resistance.
    Made from: Nomex® Meta-Aramid, Nylon, and eight percent other fibers.
    PART # MJKT00059

    GSA Prices @ $500 and up, ebay is in the $60 range.

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    I always have a perfectly new Massif shirt at the ready. Spent many days wearing them in the desert, best fabric to wear under body armor.

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