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  1. SLugomist

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    OK I thought I saw a post here about limiting rice purchases at a costco.

    I just saw on the Florida News tonight that this is true. Warehouse stores are limiting purchases to 4x 20lbs bags per person. Yeah 80 lbs is alot per person but the fact that it is being limited is a concern. It shows that there is a problem, coming down the pike.

    I have to say I'm Fruggin freaked!!!!

    I need to accelerate my food preparing, it seems to be coming faster than I think.

    At lunch today I watched a show on the history channel about krakatoa a massive volcano that the blow off of ash and sut changed the climate. If this occured again they spoke of 1-2 years of limited sunlight and no, or limited plant growth, i.e. no food harvest, massive starvation. I thought AHHH HAAA not for MONKEYS. lol

  2. SLugomist

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    Also most people think of this stocking, storing as for an end of the world shit hit the fan sit. Well from being on this site and thinking about it I have realized it can also be for a situtaion where you lose your job and have no money or inflation has F'd everything up. If you have 2 years of food and supplies then you're pretty much secure no matter what the situation, be it zombies, NWO, unemployment, or a meteor.
  3. Tracy

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    Very good realization.

    Perhaps I don't prepare for the end of the world. Maybe I just prepare for the end of the paycheck. Or the storm that causes a blackout.

    I am a little miffed at Costco, though... Basmati rice is my favorite ;)
  4. ghrit

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    The fur traders are running on rumor, I think. The supply is low, but the betting is that it will go lower. I'd say counter the futures guys on this one, but do hedge your bets with a supply on hand.
  5. ozarkgoatman

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    On the local news this morning they said that India and Veitnam have both banded exports of rice. Those that control the food control the masses. [shtf]

  6. RaymondPeter

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    Not trying to sound like an ass here, because I know that most of our rice is imported :(, but what happened to (native) US rice?
  7. melbo

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    You should read a bit of this thread:
    "The Slow Burn"
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    One article I read said that the US ships most of its rice to Asia. The specialty rices such as Indian Basmati and Thai have loyal buyers in the US. And those rice varieties are ONLY grown in those two countries.

    The longer the grain of the rice the drier and more separated the cooked grains are. We prefer the Basmati as it is long grain and has a nuttier taste. A friend from Hawaii told me the Hawaiians and Polynesians prefer a very short grain "sticky" rice.

    I think most Asians prefer a short grain rice because it holds together better in making various things like rice balls, etc. Plus, if you eat with chopsticks or your fingers then a sticky rice is far easier to get into your mouth. Long grain is better as a side dish eaten with fork or spoon.

    Therefore, I would bet that most US
    rice is short grain and thence sold to the Pacific Island and Asian markets.

    I just bought two ten pound bags of Basmati at Costco for about $10 each. No problem. The news says the ones mostly impacted by the shortages in the US are small restaurants who buy in bulk from Sam's and Costco. Individuals typically are not impacted (yet) and neither are larger businesses that buy from wholesale distributors.
  9. Seawolf1090

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    I prefer the long grain rice, especially Uncle Ben's, as that is what my family was raised on. But, lately I have been trying the other varieties - including Basmati and Jasmine.
    I haven't seen limits here yet, but I won't be shopping til next weekend - too close to payday right now.
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