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    Retracing the last steps of the Toronto man who walked into the woods near Huntsville and didn’t come out alive

    Wednesday, February 24

    Re. Survival trip


    I should be back from my trip on Sunday February 28, sometime later in the day. If you do not see or hear from me by Monday morning, it’s a possibility I’m in trouble. So please call police and give them the following information

    Name: Richard Code

    Location: Horn Lake, north side, middle. South of Bear Lake. West of Huntsville.

    Special considerations: Does not have any camping equipment. This is a survival trip.

    Thanks for your help,



    Now confident that Mr. Code got to the area, the police took to the air again Wednesday afternoon. Six days after Mr. Code had thanked his last driver and walked south toward Horn Lake, police spotted his body huddled against some stunted black spruce near the edge of a frozen wetland, less than a kilometre from where he had started.

    Full story here:
    Survivalist Richard Code's final hours - The Globe and Mail
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    So sad, so predictible, ..... when the lights go out there will be many many more examples, .... most of which will be more gruesome and heart wrenching than this story. Plan, practice, preach, teach, learn, be prepared.
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    Interesting read with a lot of good learning points. Check the replies to the article too.
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    Too many fall into the "trap" of following bad advise, movies, novels and the like...and never actually have any experience with mother nature on her own turf. She is an unforgiving "individual"....
    1 mistake can be your last.
    Too many accounts like this, from people dying from freezing, to those dying from exposure in the deserts.
    Books are wonderful, and some movies.... as they can give you insight on what NOT to do.....
    Sad, very very sad.
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