Right-of-Ways for bugging out travel.

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    This is something that I have thought about for a while and I believe could work in certain areas of the USA. With this being said, this will not work in all places, but could help especially in areas where there is a lot of trees. Due to my line of work, I look at a lot of aerial imagery, almost daily and see the areas that people may not when looking at a street map. I have heard many people talk about if you have to bug out or when you are traveling to you BOL, stay off the main highways, and use the less traveled road. Well if you live out the in the stick (more than likely that where you BOL will be) than you know that the US highway/state highway and even county road in some places are the main road. There are not many 4 lanes highways or interstates to use in a lot of these places, so people use the other roadways for getting around. Next people talk about using railroads or abandoned railroad, in my area that won’t work either. The closest railroad is about 9 miles away from my location, but something that we do have in this area are a lot of pipelines or powerlines which means pipeline and powerline right-of-ways. As of right now most pipeline and power companies keep these right-of-ways cleared and mowed down for maintenance and viewing from an airplane or helicopter. These right-of-ways are sometimes miles away from any major populated areas or can be used to navigate around those areas. Something else to note would be any water crossings or rough terrain on these right-of-ways would have to be made without the help of a bridge like a road or railroad would provide. If you are traveling over a long distance then using the roadway might be your best bet, but knowing where these are might help you avoid areas that you might not want to go through. This might be something to think about if you have a BOL and are trying to plan your route to during a major event. Another reasons to know where these are at or around your BOL is for possible routes for potential scavengers or others. This is just something that I have not heard a lot of people talking about, but might help someone think outside the box.
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    Railways too not optimal but an option as well especially river crossings at night of course
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    Right of ways could be useful alternatives to freeways, main roads and secondary roads, at least in areas where the volume of traffic doesn't justify an investment of time and effort by robbers and ambushers. The routes used will still need to be scouted and movement/convoy discipline employed. Being on a remote right of way doesn't mean one can travel, with thumb in bum and mind in neutral just because one has avoided the apocalypse on the 'free ways'.
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    New Hampshire has a good state network of snow mobile trails, often tied into right of ways, problem is they would only work for snow mobile or 4 wheelers, but you can go from my house to Canada or to Minnesota on trails in the winter.
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    probably a good reason for those in that area to invest in some Langlaufen skis....a lot quieter than a snowmobile....and not as reliant on fuel.

    Female Soldier Completes NATO Winter Training Course | Military.com
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    Have a neighbor who builds birch bark canoes, snow shoes, the Indian narrow toboggans etc and he likes snow shoes and a 12 inch or so wide sled type thing that stays in the snow shoe tracks. He can move a couple hundred pounds of stuff an amazing distance through thick woods in a day in the winter. Can move several times that with a canoe in the summer. Was what the trappers used north of Quebec in the old days when they went out and lived in the woods all year trapping, fishing, etc. He can survive with a crooked knife, axe, snares, fishing gear, etc and make his own canoe, snow shoes, sleds , etc. He is an absolute pain to walk in the woods with, sees everything, never gets tired, never hurries but at the end of the day you are exhausted, about half the time is snacking on something he has picked up in the woods. If he had his wool clothing, a Hudson Bay blanket or two and was in the deep woods, civilization could collapse and he probably wouldn't even notice it.
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