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    Rocket Heaters are a very important tool for a emergency/disaster situation. Rocket Heaters produce zero smoke and use 75% less wood than any conventional wood heater. Fuel for a rocket heater can be gathered instead of cut. I have built many Rocket Heaters over the years to heat my Aquaponics system, they have failed due to heavy usage. I came across a company that manufactures Rocket Heater Cores in the USA! Wood Burning Stoves, Heaters and Appliances - Dragon Heaters is a great source for your heating and cooking needs. I just built my dragon burner using cmu blocks under a day. The dragon burner is portable if I need to "bug out" and will not not fall apart like traditional rocket heaters made out of fire brick and clay.

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    Thank You For the Info!!
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    Rocket heaters, or wood gas stoves are easy to assemble but difficult to get right. The airflow must be perfect, I had to build six stoves before I got it right. Results may very according to skill and luck. They are great for when fuel is scarce, but the space they take outweigh their benefit. As for being smokeless that is achievable when they are up and running, but the smell carries regardless. I have mine in my cache at my BOL. I would never carry one in my BOB.
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    I was hoping to do alot of canning with my new heater.
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    If you can scrounge a short section of stainless tubing you will eliminate future rusting.
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