Rolling Black Outs>>>?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Equilibrium, Feb 6, 2011.

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    I don't mean to wreck anyone's night but... I was talking to my cousin in TX and they’ve had some problems…. as in something called a rolling black out that lasts for just about an hour. They’re being told it's a result of the whacky winter storms. Hmmm…. I thought after hanging up the phone. I checked it out and found this, Outages Suspended, But Conservation Critical | NBC Dallas-Fort Worth.
    Hmmm…. I thought again.
    Lookie what I found that churns my stomach-
    YouTube - Treason: Obama Shuts Down Power Plants Coast to Coast
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    Anti-Energy Agenda Could Cause More Rolling Blackouts, Anti-Energy Agenda Could Cause More Rolling Blackouts | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News..
    So much for never ratifying the Kyoto Protocol. Silly little treaty.... it's just a piece of paper about to expire anyway so we'll just forge ahead toward that NWO carbon economy.
    Oh lookie.... GE's setting the record straight for us, Setting the Record Straight: EPA Waiver | GE Reports.
    It's a waiver everyone.... not an exemption.... silly us. There's oodles of these "waivers" floating around.
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    Liberal insanity and we will wind up paying for it.
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    They are not referred to as "Libtards" for nothing.
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    Yep, give the politicos a few hundred grand, and you save millions on those waivers........

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    This part of the statment does have some truth to it...
    We indeed shut-in offshore due to our gas freezing up and forming ice plug's..Resulting in low sale's and pressure...Gator

    Natural gas power plants that should have provided back up had difficulty starting because to low pressure in the supply lines that was also caused by the cold weather.

    Read more:
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    Quite frankly, politics cannot repeal the laws of physics, no matter how hope and change is prayed for on the alter of zero or anti zero. He and his masters and puppets have nothing to do with it, for once. That said, if he uses his head instead of his chin, he could influence things such that the barriers to infrastructure upgrades is removed. I ain't holding my breath.

    Gator is pretty close. The "funny" part is that nat gas storage in the US is near full. The pipe is the restriction, can't move it fast enough without pressure losses. We have it aplenty, just can't get it to point of use in high demand times.
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    Texas to Probe Rolling Blackouts -
    I don't think TX has the multitude of problems they have out east associated with ancient piping made out of sub-standard materials and I read online where many of their companies were replacing lines with pre-70's welds. And what if..... they flexed their muscles showing Texans whose boss and willfully and intentionally boosted pressure to the legal maximum to avoid all those "costly" tests where cameras are sent through mains to detect weaknesses as in.... to look for any cracks while testing for pressure at the direction of a "higher" power>>>? I don't know anything about any of this other than what I've read online combined with what my cousin originally told me but.... something smells really "fishy" when they keep power on to a football stadium while cutting power to businesses like ohhhh nursing homes and day care centers. Politics and corruption can't repeal the laws of physics but... they can create an "illusion".... that something HAD to be done to "protect" WE the people in TX.
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