Ron Paul Drops Wiretap Truth Bombs

Discussion in 'Tin Foil Hat Lounge' started by Mindgrinder, Mar 9, 2017.

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    My only surprise is why anyone is surprised. My daddy taught me not to trust the freakin CIA...or any feds for that matter...from a very young age and my experiences since have only proved that distrust to be well-founded at every turn.
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    I have to echo @chimo here. Why in the world is anyone surprised? I honestly haven't been following this because - well - because it is obvious. I mean, they listen and tap everyone from Chancellor Merkel and Trump to you and me (if for some reason we rise above the noise floor). My guess is this started with J. Edger Hoover and continues to this shown by Snowden and WikiLeaks. Will it be proven? No, never, not unless someone comes forward with proof but doubtful and with Snowden and this last WikiLeaks fiasco you can bet all the agencies have circled their wagons and tighten security to an extreme. I certainly wouldn't like to be working for them right now. And, honestly, it is not only us. I do know the Israelis do it as much if not more as we do. Anyway, it is the way of life and more so with the modern technology so while I understand why President Trump is irate and his reasoning (first and foremost he was a private citizen when this occurred) he also better get use to it.

    On a different note, I truly like the 'Corbett Report' because his stuff is pretty much presented in a clear and clean fashion which I can understand and enjoy, mostly facts with some questions but without wild accusations. I never heard of him before I joined the Monkey tree here, think it was @Brokor that introduced me to it.
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    Yes, every form of communication capable of being snatched up is being kept in massive vaults, including the Fusion Centers and the latest NSA intelligence gathering mega-center in Utah, and others we may not even know about. The average citizen who may not be on the radar has nothing to worry about initially, but one ought to keep in mind the fact that this information on virtually everybody can be accessed at any time in the future. Simply put, you may not be important now, but in a dark future where just about anything is made illegal, your habits and profile as well as every word spoken on a cellphone or used in an email or text can be used to criminalize you. The information collected can be used for artificial intelligence data gathering, to designing smart systems to profile and catch "criminals", and of course the potential exists to blackmail politicians, judges, military leaders, corporate executives, or scientists --just about anybody. The question we should ask is, "Do you trust criminal government who are entirely held unaccounted for?"

    Good luck thinking the judicial system is going to work in your favor. The Secret Government is vast, their methods are pervasive, and their reach is unlimited.
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  6. Cruisin Sloth

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    AND that is the problem !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'd have left nuts & wrong teets to the max !! & they are still sponging off me as I pay their pensions (& they can double dip ) as we can't & pay tax to the MAX for their Lies & BS.
    Ya think poor caught Nixon was left poor ? Setup maybe !

    IM BACKING TRUMP , FLUSH the bowl & clean the "deepstate"= England & the rest . If you can read (out of Vault 7 , Chemtrails , Carbon tax is paying for that ,SO im getting hit on fuel to kill the growing area !!!

    V7 is FOR YOU YANK'S to figure , You live there, I need all NSA out of Canada , look after your Borders as we do , FROM in your country , & leave all others !!
    They come & land , scoop up & deport ASAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Cost of external folks all over -100%
    Military being sucked off (both country's ) -100%

    Let the sand throwers deal with the problems , We have so bad problems here (NEWS SUCKS & LIES) with kids & drugs etc ! can't make change of dimes & quarters !! DUMB !!

    In 1960 ~~ or so my dad taught me open eyes in swimming hole , 25 cents was Huge ! first three were washers i find out later ..

    We both NEED NA to be good , Mexico also ..
    We were helping , but now ,NADA .WERE OUT , Fix your own problems OR PAY US !!!
    Flush is FIRST !! ALL BS Winners

  7. Byte

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    Exactly. Picture in your mind a giant hand holding another man by an ankle and shaking him vigorously to extract the last thin dime from his pockets... That is the sole purpose of our "just-us" system as it stands today in regards to anybody that isn't a part of it. Oh sure they will very occasionally sacrifice one of their own upon its altar to maintain the illusion. Rest assured, if you ain't in the club, it will not bring you any sort of justice.

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