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    been planning a rootcellar for the a big nice bank and a decent size hole dug .just not sure what size to build original plan was just for a place to store food stuff and canned goods.but now i may expand it a bit.maybe a bunk in there if the house ever burned.....or a place to do some butchering........whos got a rootcellar and what ideas would you like in it if you were to build a new one.any and all ideas or comments are welcome.....thanks
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    I don't have one, but that's never stopped me from puttin in my two cents before :)

    I think it's a great idea. I'm sure you probably found this page from the earlier thread that's got some great info.....

    I also found this one with good info on when, how, how long to store certain foods.

    I'd like to put one in (out at the farm) this year myself. I think if the grid ever becomes unreliable, food preservation is going to be one of the most significant issues.

    And the way I am, I'll start thinking about a little root cellar and will end up with plans for a four room apocolypse bunker. After seeing the pics of the guys "culvert" bunker from that first site, it's awful tempting.
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    thanks blackjack...i seen the shelf life post.its a dandy...the other is down for now...maybe the server.??i will check it later on..see if it comes up.

    i am afraid this is going to bloom into something bigger and badder(lol) than my budget is for original idea was a 10x10 it migth be 10x16 with a devider to make it 2 rooms....and...and...and....this thing could morf on me if not is a major issue for now casue of lack of work...and the looming possibilty of a lay off coming.there are alot of people out of work around i am planning ,planning for alot of projects going on.

    i was hopeing someone migth have a few pic's to share of their cellars.i got a few supplies saved and put back and salvaged .i might have enough to get this thing done if i dont get to wild with it.
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    Crap Dog, I botched up the first link, I think I got it fixed now. It wasn't supposed to be to the shelf life stuff, it's supposed to be to the "rootcellar home page".

    Just in case I screwed it up again....
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    I don't have one but I am planning to build one in my existing cellar - close off one end of the cellar and superinsulate the partition wall and ceiling. One of the cellar windows would be in it to open and close to control the temperature. I wondering how much insulation it would take to either use it as an ice house or just precool it in Sept or Oct with blocks of ice from the freezer.
  6. monkeyman

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    I havent gotten mine done yet but one thing I have seriously thought about would be to try and get one of the shiping containers that they take from truck trailer to rail car to ships, those pod things, and burry it. The ones I would be thinking of are like 8' wide and I think like 8' tall and 20' long. Seems to me that one of those with 18" deep shelves down one side for canned goods and such and 2' deep on the other for lardger stuff includeing stuff stored in 5 gallon buckets would leave a walkway about 4 1/2' wide then have the last 8-10' without shelves so could store 2 or 3 barrels of water and whatever else that way along with a cot or 2 so it could be well equiped to double as a reasonably comfortable storm shelter etc and have plenty of space for storeing a good amount of food stuff for general use.
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