RUTF wonderfood "Plumpy'Nut" good for emergency food?

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by PapaSasquatch, Nov 24, 2013.

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    Plumpy'nut - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    This is for super compact 72 hour kit recommendation in place of the various calorie bars and definitely as a good thing to give out those in starvation if you're out on foot for extended periods and don't want to give up your MREs.

    Anyway, I haven't found where you can buy this stuff if it's even for sale. Probably not because they (French and UN) don't want all us fat American hoarders and preppers taking food from starving African children. Looks like it costs about $60 for a two month supply (one a day for a little child).

    Looks like it's balanced nutrient approach might be good and because it's a small little packet loaded with fat and calories, it would be a great go bag food product.

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    Interesting product that would serve well as a last ditch supply in your food preps,, of course if you get to that level you have possibly failed in being sustainable in your food plan. It would also be useful as a barter food item since it is pretty cheap for a two month supply. One could trade this stuff to folks in great need of food, for their ammo and other sought after supplies such as PM's.
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  3. Rabid

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    Perhaps contacting a survival food manufacturer and suggesting this product possibilities might be a good idea. Does anyone know anyone that they can contact?
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    Why not @JC Refuge, He seems to be in that Biz......
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    I've got one big caveat with this product.

    It can rapidly incapacitate an individual or potential kill that individual who has an allergy to nuts and especially peanuts.

    There is no way that I'd include a product that contains nuts unless i knew FOR A FACT that no one was allergic to nuts. Granted, this is a high protein product, cheap, easily carried/stored. If you don't have any allergies in your group. Go for it.

    If you are not sure. You'd best find out now while you have access to medical care.

    Anaphylactic shock, kills people now, and we have decent medical care. I'm pretty sure that no one here wants to watch their grandchild die in front of their eyes, just because they didn't know.

    So, make absolutely sure, or when in doubt, skip the nuts.
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    Seems easy enough to reproduce a facsimile. Take your favorite peanut butter, add in a measured amount of powdered milk and veggie oil, ground up vitamin and supplement tablets - look up the USFDA requirements for daily values. Blend well and can as per peanut butter.
    It ain't rocket science.
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    You can even add in some chocolate chips, as well..... Protein packed Reeses Peanut Butter Cups with Vitamins... What could be wrong with that.....
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