Safecastle Poll: "Your Prepper Posture - June 2012"

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by JC Refuge, Jun 14, 2012.

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    This is the first in a series of prepper polls. Please feel free to participate: click here.

    (No--we're not collecting any data, using any cookies, or sharing results with government agencies. tongue. )


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    Liked this a whole lot better than that last deal !

  3. Witch Doctor 01

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    will not adress any more safe castle surveys.... it sux when they try to sell you items... would not reccommend taking this survey...
  4. Once you have a plan and have implemented it, paying attention to the state run media is pretty much an exercise in wasted energy.

    For those not ready, All I got to say is I hope you have $ to throw at the problem. It isn't something that you achieve overnight.

    For those who grew up farming, putting stuff back and handling the stuff life throws at you is just common sense and ongoing life that has happened for generations.

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  5. JC Refuge

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    Getting good input on this from all over. I will run this survey thru the end of the month and then plan to post follow-up identical surveys in the future--perhaps every two months or quarterly to identify any possible trends.

    Thank you for your help in getting this survey established.
  6. JC Refuge

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    Happy Father's Day! (Just learned today I'm going to become a grandfather again, God willing!)
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