Sanitation During Times of Emergency

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    The following article is my latest piece about keep clean during disasters. Enjoy.. Tell me what you think.

    Keeping clean during a disaster is obviously very difficult. In a crisis situation, you will not be guaranteed access to the amenities of modern day living you have easily grown accustomed to. In order to maintain healthy in terms of hygiene, it is advisable that you prepare in advance a sanitation kit for you and the family. The express purpose of a sanitation kit is to have the necesarry emergency supplies to keep yourself, your family members, the tableware and the dishes, and the clothes clean during a crisis.

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    Well I did not read the entire article yet, but I agree with the intro piece there. While I'm pretty sure any local disaster's or problems would allow me a few days off work, I'll need to report back. Depending on the problem, I might have to work even during the event (say a tanker truck overturns and forces me to evacuate), so staying clean will be a must.

    My BOB follows the same idea, if I'm forced away from home for just a short time and will be returning in less than a week I feel it's a little more important to concern yourself with hygiene than other area's. Obviously the nature of the emergency dictates the terms but that's the conclusion I've come too.
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    The article is a great beginning spot for folks regarding sanitation.

    I have had the distinct pleasure of having to use a five gallon bucket for solid waste while we were building our home.

    We used it inside the not yet completed bath room.

    We had a toilet lid on top and we kept the bathroom door closed to keep out flies and mosquitos.

    We placed saw dust on top of the solid waste and we dumped the contents into an old out house.

    We also used a recycled laundry detergent bulk liquid soap dispenser with a push button spigot for our hand washing water.

    We keep on hand a lot of garbage sacks because we know we might end up being in a situation where we cannot get out to the outhouse due to the snow depth and would like to reduce the smell factor.

    Keeping clean can be as easy as having diper wipes and a tooth brush and hairbrush or comb. Keeping your feet clean and dry is also important if you are walking a lot or doing manual labor.
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