Save the whales - yarrr that's piracy

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mindgrinder, Feb 27, 2013.

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    Thats good, Id sink the SS if they were advancing to a ship I was captain of.
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    Good point. Unfortunately for them, the 9th often doesn't care about facts. Again, we see the real pirates wearing robes and suits, greasing palms and lining pockets, while conservationists like the Shepherd crew only do harm to private fishing operations in an attempt to shut down the unregulated foreign fishers who pillage the sea for huge profits. Nobody is innocent in this except the folks who want to make an honest living, and who are categorized the same as those who kill sharks and whales for their fins and discard the rest.
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    Those people are pretty crazy. They are crazy for what they believe in (I mean crazy dedicated) and they are crazy (cookoo) in their tactics. It's the village idiots like these folks that used to never make it to a breeding age, or were run out of town. It reminds me of the age old adage....Stupid Hurts.
    See this is why I am against bike helmets. If a kid can't make it though childhood on a bike there isn't much hope for that child in adulthood.
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    I have been saying these "conservationist" are pirates and should be treated as such for years now. Much like many other "causes" they commit cowardly acts of violence while hiding behind the mask of doing "whats good for the world" I have stopped watching any network that carries that show as I will not support their actions in any way.

    The ocean is a big place and law enforcement is scarce, I say paint a torpedo like a whale and let them "save" that. Just a thought....
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    This issue has nothing to do with their cause. Blowing up an abortion clinic or spiking a tree is terrorism, the cause behind it has nothing to do with the actions.

    You do not have to hurt or kill someone to be a pirate. In fact throughout history most pirates didn't hurt anyone, they just threatened to so people would give them what they wanted.

    Using the logic of the sea shepherds, it not a crime if no one gets hurt. Well then its OK to call a bank and tell them if they don't give me money I will blow them up. Try that and see how it works.

    As for jurisdiction there is a concept under the law of the sea that goes back hundreds of years and that is called an "assimilated stateless vessel". If you do not claim a state you are subject to any state that wants to deal with you.

    The Sea Shepherd did it to themselves buy deliberately muddling their state of affiliation in order to avoid prosecution.

    Yes they are pirates, and yes we should hammer them

    No we should not hunt whales, and yes we should change the treaty with Japan.

    They are separate issues.
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    First, Understand Paul Watson IS NO "CAPTAIN" ... and has NEVER held any such Title, except a Self-appointed one. He was kicked out of GreenPeace, because of his Radical Thinking, and Actions.

    Secondly, He is wanted in Europe, by InterPol on an International Warrant...

    Third, He only attacks Commercial Ships, that are UnArmed, since he and his friends got run out of the North Atlantic, after a Norwegian Frigate, put a 5" shell across his bow, and Broadcast on VHF Marine Channel 16 "The next one is going in your Wheelhouse window" He turned tail, and has never gone back to the North Atlantic, since.

    Fourth, The Australian's claim these waters as their Territory, but NO Other Country, Recognizes those claims. If they wanted to enforce International Maritime Rules of Navigation, in these, so called "Claimed Waters" they COULD, but the CHOOSE not to, which in my mind, and the minds of MANY others, invalidates their BS Claim.

    Fifth, Under the International Rules of Navigation, the Sea Shepard Vessels have ALWAYS violated the Accepted Rules of the Road, during ALL instances, to Date, of vessel collisions, not the Japanese.

    Sixth, Paul Watson, and his bunch of Hippy, Whale Huggers, have committed, "Acts of Piracy" by boarding another countries Flagged Vessel, with out permission, of that vessels Master, AND under conditions of Darkness, while such Vessel is Navigating on the High Seas. This is a documented, and a clear "Act of Piracy" as defined under International Maritime Law.

    If the suit, brought by the Japanese, goes to Federal Court, on it's Merits, Paul Watson and his Pirates can be classified as High Seas Terrorists, and as US citizen, classed as such, can be dealt with by the US Navy, and He and his Crews could find themselves spending time in our Caribbean GrayBar Hotel & Resort in Gitmo, Cuba. I couldn't think of a better place for Paul Watson, to spend his days..... maybe a little Waterboarding, could modify his behavior... Naw, never happen.... He would just get worse...
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    Really, it is kinda stupid to insert your vessel between two others engaged in close aboard replen ops, especially fueling. Now, I'm not ready to blame either skipper for having a problem keeping the ships at a proper interval, after all there was a seaway. SS was probably hoping for something more serious than a hull mash.
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    G, No One has ever claimed the Sea Shepards are NOT the "Stuipidist Folks" afloat.....
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    Bob Barker, Steve Irwin, and Bridget Bardot seem to think they're pretty bright. Just goes to show ya, there is a sucker born everyday.
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    No, Paul watson is just a very Good ConMan, and Huckster.....
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