Self-Reliance: Curing one's Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

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    Ok, someone pm'd asking me about CTS, 'cause I guess someplace I had mentioned that I permanently cured my own severe case of it... It's beyond a "GOOD FEELING" to cure oneself!!!! :)

    What I did was very very simple... I ate a raw garlic clove everyday for 1 whole year and just like that, it was completely GONE!!!! Garlic has much medicinal value, and what makes it so very good is it's healing properties/that it is an anti-inflamatory.

    Now I will also be very specific here, 'cause everyone responds to me with... "Oh , I'll buy some of those processed garlic tablets from the store" Sorry but those just won't work @ all, 'cause for one it's not fresh, and two, to give those garlic tabs a shelf-life, they have to remove all of it's goodness/medicinal value! Yep, no wonder people who try those sorta things (natural remedies) get discouraged and say they don't work, huh. You can also say the same about anything that has been pre-ground into an herbal powder... once ground up it loses it's medicinal value fast! So if you ever decide that you need an herbal powder, buy the root & grind it up as you need it. ~There's another tip! lol

    But anyway, back to the garlic... Ya don't need processed storeboughten tablets, you just need "THE REAL THING!" This explains why every year (in the fall) husband and I split off all of our orginal garlic bulbs/separating them only to make more garlic for future use. Usually we transplant 900 individual cloves, for family, livestock, medicinal purposes and cooking/culinary use. In case you don't already know this, heated/cooked garlic doesn't count for nothing... once heated it loses it's medicinal value (great for culinary though ~ if ya wanna be positive). If you have trouble eating raw garlic, you can cut it into smaller pieces and swallow like a pill, or blenderize it in some raw unpasteurized vinegar and consume it as a healthyful salad dressing. The same can be done with pasta salads... putting your blenderized raw garlic sauce on at the very end after cooking/heating the pasta (once cool) so that you won't be heating up the garlic. One can also pour it onto other foods as well.... ~Just another option/idea!

    I always joke with everyone that another outstanding benefit, is that you don't have to worry about THE VAMPIRES!!!! LOL [ROFL]

    Depending upon "your body" you should start feeling a difference in about 3 days to a week...

    My case was of a very SEVERE TYPE, and it got so bad that I could not type, write, paint, do most of my many projects, milk our dairy goats, chop veggies/cook, brush my hair or our daughter's hair, or even wipe my bottom after using the potty. Trust me it can get very very bad indeed... I know a gal who's suffering from it and everytime I see her she cries over it, but she refuses to try the RAW GARLIC CLOVES??? Oh well.... I know that I didn't want "surgery" and opted for curing myself, especially when alot of those things don't always resolve the issue/cost alot of $$$money$$$. Plus I can be a bit hard headed and like to "maintain myself"... it's that whole self-reliance thingey, if ya know what I mean! ;) he,he,he

    For those of you who are interested, I hope that you will find this info. to be useful for yourself, family, or friends.

    Other than that, have a most beautiful day & HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone!!!! :)


    (Who no longer has CTS & believes in the POWER OF RAW MEDICINAL GARLIC...)

    P.S.- Just another tool/bit of knowledge to EMPOWER THE SURVIVALIST!

    P.P.S- Another thing which I have also thought about is this... if you decide to try the above remedy and haven't felt any results for some reason??? I am a strong believer in "HEALTHFUL DIET" and if you are eating lots of modern disease-promoting processed foods (<--CRAP), & SUGAR that could be the reason why. For those of you who don't already know, FOOD affects everything . Bad food choices aren't a good thing... so go to the links below for more info.

    Processed SUGAR is beyond bad for you (we won't eat it at all opting for more healthful alternatives on occaision like raw honey from naturally raised bees which aren't fed sugar... one can also use stevia, or do what we do by tapping trees and making your own natural sweetner from naturally nutritious tree sap ) Did you know that processed SUGAR isn't good for your health as it FEEDS DISEASE! ~ Something I never knew/learned, and thought that I would share with y'all. Best of luck to everyone & cheers to OUR HEALTH! Without GOOD HEALTH you have NOTHING, sadly. So it's a very good goal to work towards, especially pre-T.S.H.T.F.
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    Thank you for the info, Garlic is a big part of our family as well. It is great for sooooo many things. Ive been using it for years. Thank you for the links too.
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