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    Things are settling down to a dull roar since the moving van was unloaded. I keep finding new things about the house, so far nothing that would have made me shy away from the deal, sort of like finding a last popped kernel in the bottom of the bag.
    For examples:
    -The landfill, now closed, is down hill from me.
    -The previous owner left ALL the owner’s manuals for appliances. (Usually, one or more is missing.)
    -My periodicals are finally catching up to me, the stock of reading materials is now exceeded only by my things to do list.
    -The gas company wants me to sign a lease!! They are drilling several miles away already, and if they hit productive quantities, I’ll get royalties. Not much, but income that was not anticipated if it comes true.
    -There is evidence my hearing is improving after umpteen years exposure to construction and heavy equipment noise. I don’t figure it will all return, but so far it is noticeable. (Really quiet up here, just the way I imagined. The worst noise is lawn mowers and the weekend shooters. Both acceptable, and don’t happen at night.)

    There are a couple downsides that have compensations, just as wished for, so I suppose they are not really downsides. The property is only about 3 miles from town, if a town of only 900 souls can be called a town. (Just over 8 miles to large supermarkets.) Trouble is, there is either half a mile of horrendously steep and washboarded road complete with gravel surface, or 1.5 miles of less steep but almost equally slippery surface. All of which means no tourists come this way seeking some of the spectacular views that these narrow valleys and steep hills produce.

    Once down the hill, the roads have a lot of potential for motorcycle riding, even if PennDOT makes no particular effort to keep the potholes filled and the surfaces smooth. I’m looking forward to getting lost and finding my way home again; the point is the ride, not the destination (as all riders know.)

    Things to do, resources and the time to do them coming together:
    -Build shelves in the basement for storage of SHTF and other supplies and tools
    -Build work benches for whatever projects might come along
    -Build a gun servicing (cleaning, messing with, whatever) bench
    -Get my 1830s grandfather’s clock running. There is a comfort in the tick-tock that quartz clock kids will never know nor understand.
    -Restock the BOB to accommodate the bug-in plans rather than get out of town no matter what.
    -Continue stocking up SHTF supplies. Before leaving VA, I had reduced the supplies to an absolute minimum to save the costs of moving. Lots to do in that department.
    -Rewire the breaker box so the gennie can be plugged in readily to the well pump and water heater, then figure a way to move the gennie from the shed to the house that won’t strain my scrawny carcass. (180 pounds without fuel, and if necessary thru snow.)
    -PAINT. Somehow, lavender walls in the bathroom don’t cut it for me, nor is a reddish salmon in the living room particularly suitable.

    Yeah, I think I’m going to like it here.
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    Sounds a bit like Heaven to me...I love small towns. And no rush on finding things...I've been here a year and a half and still have 2 boxes I haven't touched. I should throw them away....Must not be anything I need. ;)
    Welcome Home, ghrit....
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