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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by Mountainman, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. Mountainman

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    Did a search for shaker flashlights and the only post was from 2007. Was wondering with so many products out there if anyone has any current advice on what to get and what to stay away from?
  2. WestPointMAG

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    You can not use them in mixed company.
    Here I will do it so someone else does not have to.[beat]
  3. kckndrgn

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    But seriously, if you are getting them locally it's best. There was one brand, I can't remember what it was, that my wife got me one year. I opened the package and clicked the button and had light, didn't even have to shake it. I let the light stay on until it was dead then tried to shake it to charge it, no luck. I took the light apart and low and behold, batteries!

    The magnet and wire coil were just for "show", the real power came from 3 little batteries hidden in the light.

    I now test every wind-up, shake style light before purchasing. If I pull the one from the back of the shelf with a nice layer of dust on it and it lights up without me "charging" it, it goes back on the shelf.
  4. tommy20/69

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    i bought one from walmart a few years ago and i still have it it is a great backup light it don't put out the most light in the world but it does work.
  5. WestPointMAG

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    Did you know that patent laws say that a solar powered flashlight can not patented.
  6. Mountainman

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    WPM, that was funny and I wanted to make a comment but did not want to piss off the females on the board.

    Went to Wallyworld today and they did not have any. There are plenty of internet sites selling them, so I will keep on looking.

    Thanks for the replies.
  7. WestPointMAG

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    Next time you go to W mart take a look at the 9v flashlights they are $3.50 here with the batteries. Dollar General has the batteries for $2.00. I have been buying them at the thrift store for $0.49 without the batteries and buying the batteries from DG so I end up with $2.49 +tax in the flashlight.
  8. tommy20/69

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    the one i got from walmart was named the faraday flashlight it came with a regular size light in it and a small one they both worked great i kept the big one and gave the small one to the wife they still have some at the store i might get another they shine about 8' in front of you thats about it . now they will shine further but they won't light up the night but as for as getting around the woods or working in the house or car at night they can't be beat. i would highly recoment them. my mom bought some cheapos from some magazine and they lasted a few strokes then they gave out them little wires broke on the magnets inside i would say stick with the faraday ones. i'll look again to make sure thats the name of it but i'm pretty sure thats it.

    on the brighter side after useing the flashlight a few times i did gain a few strokes and it has improved my sex life alot.lmao

    another warning donot take the flashlight out the box and try it out in the walmart parkinglot you will get aressted for obscene or endecent conduct . if someone don't know you got a flashlight in your hand and they see you going at it plan on havin a visit from the local boys really fast.
  9. Ajax

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    I have a NightStar shake up light.

    It is one of the best shake up lights from what I understand and it has worked great for what it is for me. It is not super bright but that is OK because you never replace the bulb and you never need batteries so you basically have a practically indefinite source of light.

    The NightStars charge up in something like 90 shakes, just a few minutes and will last for about 20 minutes, much better than most of the others I have seen.

    If someone knows of a better no battery light please let us know, I would be interested in it too.
  10. Seacowboys

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    I have tried several over the past few years and have come to the opinion that they are all POS and will fail right when you plan to count on them. I still have a few around the house because they are convenient when they work but have removed all of them from my list of preps.
  11. Ajax

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    Have you tried the NightStars? Mine has seen a decent amount of abuse and works perfectly.
  12. Ready

    Ready or getting there...

    Tried a few myself. Mostly them Christmas party gifts. never had a dependable on. On the other hand, i've got a couple of them LED small lights. Had most of-em several years, been camping: on the beach, in the boat, I dont think I've ever openened em up to change or even see the batteries. I've recently purchased a few of the good ones for my bugout and misc.kits. oh yea, there very bright too.
  13. E.L.

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    The ones I had were weak from the start, then they just got worse. After a little bit of use it didn't matter how long you shook them they didn't hold the light but for just a few seconds (premature-light-termination) and now they are in a box somewhere in the closet hiding in the dark.
  14. Ajax

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    A lot of the knock offs are very cheaply made. It's worth it to shell out a little more money and get a good quality light.

    Another good option is a MagLight LED flash light. I have a three D cell light that will stay lit for more than 40 hours on one set of batteries. I started testing my light out and after 40 hrs it was still pretty bright and I just left the set of batteries in the light and didn't replacement them until I left it on one day and found it a few days later completely drained. The MagLight LED are pretty bright too.
  15. E.L.

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    I will stick with my Streamlights, Surefire's, and River Rock flashlights. I use my rechargeable Ultra-Stinger at work, my G3 Surefire lights I keep in the bedside and in all of the vehicles, as well as the River Rock lights which we use on almost a nightly basis. Whether it is getting up early in the morning and trying not to wake everyone else up, or late at night going out to get the dog out of the pen to bring her in when it is cold. I like the RR LED lights, and I have a bunch of them as well as their headlights also. Yesterday when I picked up a new battery for my Ultra Stinger, I bought a Streamlight Septor headlight. 3-way lighting, 7 LEDs, water resistant, and last up to 150 hours with 3 AAA batteries. Appeared to be bright as hell. I am a flashlight whore, I have so damn many of the things they are all over the house. Each bedroom has a RR in it, and each vehicle probably has three or four flashlights. Flashlights are in drawers, in boxes, in closets, I just can't seem to pass up a flashlight, like Imelda Marcos with shoes. Hell I even have a LED in the bill of the baseball cap I am wearing.
  16. ghrit

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    Got one of those, too. Comes in handy for outdoor forays after dark. There is zero outdoor lighting (no streetlights, either) up here unless the motion sensors on the garage are tripped, and that doesn't happen if headed out the other doors.
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