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    I can’t spell, and all the Monkeys already know it...
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    French , From the country that GAVE YOU the Statue Of Liberty
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    Ok. Not big on grammar. I try to be intelligible and proofread my posts. But I don't pretend to be an editor or anything.
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    I was just having a funny , pushing the chain !!
    Was NOT picking ,
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    from survivalblog"Long+Term+Beer+Storage"

    Letter Re: Long Term Beer Storage
    Great work on your “Rawles Gets You Ready” preparedness course! For folks wanting to keep beer in their long-term storage supply, the “blue” variety of Chimay (a dark ale made by Trappist monks in Belgium) will store nicely for upwards of 15 years. Even better, my local Costco (in Texas) sells the 750 ml bottles with corks. Regards, – MP

    ANYBODY ever drink this..or keep it a long time
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    I've tried it. Not terribly affordable, at over $10 a bottle around here. The alcohol content is 9%. Would be a shame if it didn't store well.

    I think I still have some Reingold that's over 10 years old. I tried some last year and it's just as bad as I remembered. It was on clearance for around $2.00 a six pack, and I snatched up all I could find.
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