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    The "meat" in the package is all TVP.

    I'm no expert but I believe one might do better.

    The only products I've purchased from Shelf Reliance are FIFO can racks.

    There was a guy from my now defunct MAG who insisted he and his family would do "Just fine" on nothing but freeze dried foods.
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    Yeah, I'm not wild about the TVP...but I wouldn't eat that stuff (obviously, unless I had to), but would keep it for barter. Most of the freeze dried stuff I've eaten in the past for back-packing/camping are generally meat-less anyway. I'm not a vegetarian by any means, but I haven't had a good freeze-dried pack with meat in it yet. However, I did have some some good chili-mac that was meatless (by MaryJane's Farms).
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