Shipping Container Cabins

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by chelloveck, Jun 11, 2014.

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    In Alaska, these are done "All the Time".... Usually with Old Refer Containers.... No further insulation Required....
    They usually build a False Roof on them to Shed Snow & Ice..... .....
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  3. Dunerunner

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    Old refrigeration containers would be perfect for Alaska. I would have never thought of it, or a roof!!
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    My beautiful bride really liked this post. She said she had liked these concept homes for years. She then said it is unfortunately we're too old to start building with those... o_O
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    Refrigeration container... isn't that just called a refrigerator? And Alaska... that's were Eskimos reside, yes? So you guys are talking about selling refrigerators to Eskimos.... ?

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  6. ghrit

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    Insulation works both ways ---
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    Funny, but; Yes!! Put a wood stove in one and you stay warm. The insulation keeps the cold out, but they are air tight, so a window, door or some other leaky port hole would have to provide some air. If done right a wood stove could be provided air directly from outside, conserving warm the air in the reefer box. Great idea.
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    Most "smart" wood stove Users, will provide an External (to the Building) Air Source for the FireBox. Especially, in Cold Climates. Not very efficient to use Heated Air to keep the Fire Burning
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    I love this idea but they ain't cheap. I checked around here and they sell the standard containers very close to my home but since this concept has gained popularity, the sellers have jacked their prices, because they can.
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    Burner Bungalows - Your Turn Key Burning Man Container!

    I like these better because the steel container doors shut and secure the entrance.
    What are the dimensions of the unit?
    The unit is 8’ by 20’ on the exterior and is approximately 19’x7’ in the interior. It’s a metal cargo shipping container that’s been insulated and has a wall installed on the open end that includes the man door, air conditioning unit, window, and power connections.
  12. Tempstar

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    A buddy has a setup on his farm with a 40' on bottom and a 20' on top. A spiral stair goes up to the bedroom and the leftover 20' up top serves as deck, deer stand, and holds a 100 gallon water tank to feed the kitchen and bath in the lower 40'. I have envied it since I first saw it.
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  13. oil pan 4

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    The US government does this all the time in Afghanistan and Iraq.
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  14. arleigh

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    Ideally one could get a shipping container here in the lower 48 and fill it with all your junk plus building materials and have the whole thing shipped to where ever and use the container to live in while building your mansion .
    I am told most furniture doesn't make the trip ,it would make sense to pack the container your self and take furniture apart while packing it .adding the tools to rebuild once you arrive + materials/fasteners/hardware/ect... for doing cabinet work.
    Also you need about 5 or 6 different skills to live on competitively with the locals.
    If you don't have something the locals need ,you won't last long .
    Life is not fair, and the more competitive life is , the less friendly people become.
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