Shock! Iraqi defector lied about Saddam's WMDs

Discussion in 'Politics' started by melbo, Feb 19, 2011.

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    If I'm not mistaken.... Colin Powell supported Obama in ' The informant's name is "Curveball".... interesting. Also of interest might be that I'm pretty sure good ole "Curveball" was a byproduct of the Clinton Administration' "intelligence" not the Bush.... oopsie... slight problem with the time tables. And those chemical and biological weapons Saddam used on the Kurds were.... ummm.... figments of the "global" community's imagination and maybe my memory's going going gone but.... weren't those artillery shells found buried in the desert filled with er... uh... could it have been.... no surely not.... chemical weapons>>>>? And I suppose when Hussein's SIL Kamel Hussein defected and spilled his guts that those "goodies" UNSCOM found were a manufactured "illusion" created specially for the "global" community too, Chemical Weapons - Iraq Special Weapons. I guess my question about all of these "demands" would be... why now Benedict Powell?
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    Too many lies to cover for the lies about the lies.
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    Let him point fingers. Benedict Powell may ask as many questions as the media will entertain.... one problem.... he was ultimately responsible for the dissemination of "questionable" intelligence soooo.... there's one big fat finger of his own pointing straight back to himself while his other four attempt to point elsewhere.
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    Powel is, and always has been, a tool. Just find who signs his paycheck to see who his current master is....... [bow]
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    He's another one in the Messiah's AGW enslavement camp advocating subsidized breeding and.... all its many intangible benefits to the elite. Ya know.... pump out more for the "cause" and so what if a tsunami, starvation, disease, and a few imaginary "dirty" bombs wipe out a few million here and there... humans are expendable. In all his glory, Colin Powell: Legal and Illegal immigration is necessary | Colonel6's Blog, laughing his way to the bank after selling his "memoirs" for 6M in time to jet off to the next paycheck.
    Can you believe that spewed forth from the mouth of a man who founded America's Promise with the "objective" of helping children from all socioeconomic sectors>>>? Loved this comment-

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    Powell will probably run for POTUS, so he's just using the blame game to his advantage since the corporate media is predictable and wouldn't dare spell out the truth of the conspiracy to make war for profit. It's always easy to point the finger at some informant or a powerful federal agency and cry "incompetence", when the solution is to have one, all powerful conglomerate known as "Homeland Security" resume control as if it were an improvement. This game is ridiculous. We know who the traitors are, and Powell ranks right up there with the Rockefellers, Bush's, and all the rest.
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    NBC, nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons all qualify as WMD. I am no fan of the Bush's, the Clinton's, or Obama, but, So damn insane did have and use WMD's against the Kurds in Northern Iraq, and also in the war he had with Iran. The fact that no nukes were found mean little to me. These fact were well documented by many foriegn news organizations, and I believe I remember the United Nations blathering about it as well. Enough biological or chemical weapons material to kill everyone in the world multiple time over could be concealed in a freakin suitcase sized package. The facts also exist that complete fighter aircraft were concealed with sand and only discovered by accident. Iraq is a massive sand pit. How hard would it be to hide a suitcase? Just something to think about. Secondly, I have seen things that I know were not released to the public or documented openly, leaked to the press or anything. Many others in the military have as well. Who is to know where the truth really lies?
    Believe whatever you like, I will do the same!
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    Middle East despots either stock up on NBC with strong conventional forces (Egypt or Iraq.) Or they go nuclear with strong conventional forces (Israel, Pakistan and work in process Iran).

    Some of the chemical agents are no more than insecticides. Some American war fighters were treated for exposure after being in empty storage areas. So although they were exposed; there was nothing found. Kind of difficult a feat.
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