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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by moldyfan, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. moldyfan

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    I'm compiling a list on firearms to get for SHTF situations. I'm going for one pistol, one smg, one rifle, one shotgun and one sniper rifle. For pistol, I'm leaning towards the 1911. For smg, I'm going with MP5. For semiauto rifle, I'm leaning towards the civilian versions of HK-416, masada, Sig 556 - I like the short barrels or overall length for maneuverability. For shotgun, I'm not sure - either Remington or Mossberg. Should be 8 round magazine, durable, can take either buckshot or slugs, fast recoil and minimal recoil. For sniper rifle, I'm stuck on this one. But I prefer fast reload time and less recoil. What's your take on these guns? I prefer guns that are easily maintained and less prone to jamming. I welcome all feedback. Thanks.
  2. Kevin VT

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    Saiga 12 IZ109 Shotgun
  3. CATO

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  4. -06

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    Your best weapon is between your ears. Whether a simple blade, sling shot, 22, 30, shotgun, or crowd pleaser it is only as good as the holder, his/her training, mindset, and determination to do what ever it takes to survive. Not evading your question but trying to point out that what ever you have will get you by better than nothing.
  5. eeyore

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    Shotgun i perfer the mossburg 590 or a 500 with at least two barrels
  6. Alpha Dog

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    Test out several then pick what meets your personal needs and you are comfortable with. My personal SHTF weapons are 1 AR-15, 2 12ga mossbergs 500A, 2 9mm glocks, 1 1911 45ACP, 1 357mag, 1 Ruger 10/22 and 1 30/30. These works for my needs and area, I will be adding another AR-15 for my wife. Also think about that if you are married or have a girlfriend she needs to be able to use the weapons as well. Because there will be a time when the SHTF she will have to help with security and deffense.
  7. moldyfan

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    Thanks for all the suggestions, guys.

    @Alpha_Dog Ar-15 and glocks seem to have a reputation of jamming. What's your take on that? Thanks.
  8. Alpha Dog

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    I havn't had a problem the AR get a good name brand Mil Spec some of the cheaper one do have problems. I have a Stag Arms and as for the Glocks they have always worked perfect, I have always been the type as soon as I get down time I keep them clean. The Glock I shot 1500 rounds in training and didn't clean it to test it and it worked fine same training I put 1000 rds through my AR and had no problem. If you aren't comfortable with the AR try an Ak-47 another trusty worthy gun. I picked the AR because if SHTF 5.56 ammo and extra mags will be easy to come.
  9. moldyfan

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    Thanks. Looks like no takers on sniper rifles yet. Reliability, fast reload time, and light weight are what I'm looking for.
  10. Gray Wolf

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    You can get reliability and fast reload time with a M1A. But it's not a lightweight.
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  11. moldyfan

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    I'll take that into consideration.

    On another note: I've seen conflicting opinions about .22 caliber rifles being able to take out people/game consistently. Besides being quite common, what's your take on that?

    AR style guns are quite the rage these days, are there any non AR 15 rifles I should be on the lookout for?
  12. Alpha Dog

    Alpha Dog survival of the breed

    Ruger Mini 14 5.56 or mini 30 7.62x 39 also good choices. Then they make alot of patrol carbine's that use pistol mags from a 9mm to a 45ACP. kel-tech makes them ruger makes them they are reliable, you can stock up on the same ammo, same mags and they don't break the bank.
  13. BTPost

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    and if your really interested in a Main Battle Rifle, it is hard to beat the AR10 in .308 Nato... It will take out anything walking around North America... at 500 Yds... with ease.... that is the Rifle will, not necessarily the Shooter..... Just Say"en... YMMV....
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  14. moldyfan

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    @BTPost That looks like an interesting choice...but it only carries 20 rounds, I'm looking for something around 30 rounds. @Alpha_Dog Any reliable stores that you recommend?
  15. BTPost

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    Why in the world would anyone need more than 20 rounds before swapping out a Mag? Are you planning to wipe out a crowd, or what?
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  16. moldyfan

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    Just preference for less time to reload.
  17. VisuTrac

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    Let me go make a pot of tea before you continue this thread.
    [pop] nom nom nom
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  18. jim2

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    OK, one more time;
    Rifle. 22LR any quality make or model
    Pistol. 22LR Quality revolver or semi auto.
    Glock 17 9MM
    AK 7.62x38
    If you're getting an SMG then forget the shotty. If not, then do an SBR in either 9MM or .45 ACP
    Savage M110 whatever in .308 Win. 3x9 Leopould scope. In a semiauto rifle, you can have light and not so effective at extended ranges, or heavy and effective further out than you will be able to shoot for quite a while.

    Anything that uses a magazine; get at least two sets for each weapon. Three sets is better. Get extra parts for whatever firearms you will get.


  19. Sapper John

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    Just two things to remember,Sight picture, and sight alignment...not being cute,just experience. After you drop a few,the others will probably haul buggy unless they have some professional training or are absolutely brain dead, those in between will GTHOOD!(y)
  20. moldyfan

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    Cool beans. I'll keep all this in mind. I'll get some practice beforehand so I'll decide what to get.
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