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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by JHH, Nov 3, 2007.

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    I'm new here, found the sight while trying to read Halfast's book. By the way it is very good. I read a survival forum on Homesteading Today. I like Survival Monkey a lot. I love to read different peoples opinions. I have found that all of us have a doomsday threshold, but all have different views on what and how SHTF really is and how it will come about. I read a book series once that started with power stations being hit and the USA going down from there. Chaos ruled until everything was back to basics, then there is the Cell by King where technology goes afowl. Of course there is Red Dawn where troops land and we have WW3. I think next year we will bomb Iran (to save Bush's historical profile), Gas will go up to $5 or $6, that leads to much higher food costs, heating costs, everyday costs will rise 30 to 50 percent. Jobs will start getting harder to find as many small companies will go under. Illegals will become more of a problem in more areas. It is not everywhere that they are a problem, in many areas they're needed. The problem comes in when your in an area of high unemployment and you try to get a job that an illegal is also trying for. Our debts are being bought by other countries, many not friendly soon we will either have to go bankrupt or bow down further than we are now. The Mexican border is a perfect example, if we wanted to we could greatly cutdown on border crossing, but we would offend Mexico. Bush talks a good game, but he snuck in the corridor from Mexico to Canada with out public knowledge. I think that we are doomed but in a slow way. We have lost any chance of honest represintation, to big business and world government. I don't believe my SKS will ever be used for more than plinking targets. I think we will just continue to loose our rights and heritage.
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    Nice intro JHH.

    Yes we all have different ideas on how this will play out. I tend to think that we are in the mids of the slide towards economic collapse right now. That dire view is still in the minority on the site.

    If you do some searching around, you'll find we have touched on all of those ideas of yours in one form or many during the past year. Note to all: When trying to search a vBulletin forum, make sure you try 'advanced' seach and click on thread titles when searching on a topic. it gets you much more concise results.

    Anyhoo, welcome to the Monkey!

    If we can help, let us know
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    First of all.... Welcome to the Monkey!

    Secondly, I agree with a lot of what you say, but something struck me as funny while reading your post.

    If you would have said that a couple years ago about today..... you would have been correct then too.

    This part I don't agree with completely. I don't think they are needed, I just think they are desired by the employers so they don't have to pay a fair wage with benefits. Yes, the price of the end product would go up, but Americans would have more jobs with decent pay.

    ..... and the part about only using the SKS for plinking..... let's hope your right about that. :)
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    [alien]Pretty good indication you have a handle on what we think already. Dig in, and welcome to the forum.

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    To the contrair, I believe it is the popular view, the difference in our opinions I believe is that we see it happening at different times and intervals. I see it more as a slow, gradual slide. Rome wasn't built, nor lost in a day. Others think it will be quick. It could be either. Who knows, that is why we prepare.

    Welcome to the board JHH!
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    Black Jack, I had an HVAC business for years, paid well and helpers I'd start at $10 an hour all they had to do was be there, big joke. The economy was good enough that those who wanted a job had one and the rest were state raised. I sold my business so that I didn't have to worry about if I had the people to work or not. This was in the deep south. I sold out 2 years ago moved to eastern NM and only worry if my chickens lay or not now. My point being, in a good economy it is hard to find bodies to do what you need, skilled workers are there, but no indians.
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    Nice intro and summary... I like alot of what you said... and hope some of it comes true (plinking).... and for our children... hope alot of it never comes true... :D

    Thanks for posting... [beer]
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    Welcome to the Board!
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    I have spent quite a bit of time on business in E. NM, around Capitan, and Lincoln. I really liked the area.
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