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    Alright. I know many of you rugged mountain men sport face pelts. I myself have worn a beard off and on since I was 24. However, some of us have gotten used to being clean shaven or married ladies who do not like a scruffy Brillo pad face. Hence the new topic. About three years ago, I decided I was spending far too much $ on shaving cream. After much discussion with my wife and research I decided to start using shave soap, badger bristle brushes, shave mugs, and I was interested in straight razor shaving. I mean, if you have bought razor heads, even at box stores, the price is getting outrageous! Anyhow...I started with the mug, soap, and brush. See below:

    The brush and mug were bought on eBay as a set for around $20.00. The Williams soap is available at Krogers for about $.99 each. If you get a set for yourself, make sure your get a badger bristle brush. Boar bristle is cheaper, but it is a very coarse and rough brush.

    OK so here is he skinny. You need to get used to shaving soap. Especially if you are a regular user of foam or gel shaving cream. I have found that you get a much closer, cleaner shave and your razor blades last twice as long. Additionally, of you know how to make soap from scratch (that is another post I will place, even having directions on attaining "lye" water from ashes, rendering fat and soap recipes) you will never run out of the ability to A: be clean even after Civilization as we know it goes away, and B: look damn good while it is going to hell.

    I hear you laughing. Many people find comfort and solace in routine, and part of that routine for many men is shaving. Personally I prefer to not smell like a garbage heap, and basic sanitation is absolutely needed to keep yourself and your family healthy. Back to shaving with a brush and mug.

    You need less than three cups of hot water, as hot as you can stand. In a pinch the dregs from your camp peculator will do, as long as they are hot (soldiers in pre-Burma Shave days used coffee in a pinch). The hot makes hot suds, which helps soften the beard, making for a closer, smoother shave. Dip the brush in the hot water and swish it around in the mug. Well just watch the video...Also, ladies, this is excellent for depilatory functions of the underarms and legs, should you so desire.

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    Questions and comments welcome. I will continue next with perhaps soap making...
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    My wife doesn't mind my beard...I have it for 23 years now, with rare complete shave-offs maybe once a year or two, but I do use soap and razor when I shave it off.
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    I used to use glyserin soap to shave with because I couldn't stand the burning I would get after using an alcohol based shaving cream. Now as I get older, it hasn't been an issue and I just use the shaving cream again. It is just so much easier.

    I used a boar's hair brush (the only type I could find) and would have to replace it about twice a year. The brush would loose too many brissles (left on my face as I was trying to shave.)

    Before I went back to using shaving cream, I was using a castile soap- made from olive oil. It was very smooth, and made for a nice shave.

    I've tried the straight razor thing, but never got past the bleeding. I used it for a couple of months, thinking that I would have to learn how to use it if I didn't use anything else. All I got was cut. My barber said that "It is all in the stretch."
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    Its all in two things...stretch (otherwise bleeding), and continious hand motion (if you shave yourself). If'you shave another person, then quick, short swipes...
  5. Brokor

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    Safety razor.
  6. KHAN

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    I've always used cold water...with zero razor burn issues. Used a mug and brush for years, but with barbasol so cheap and a can lasting me the better part of a year i'm back to shaving cream. I just use disposables but by drying them off after every use, I only replace 'em once every couple of months. The water is what dulls 'em.
  7. Hispeedal2

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    Shaving is definitely over rated.

    I've been forced to shave for most of my life.... despite the majority of the great military leaders sported "face pelts". I still don't buy that my mask won't seal, besides, I can feel my freshly shaven neck burning..... what do you think would happen with that during a CBRNE attack?

    Anyways.... I don't shave on leave, on weekends, and I sure don't plan on shaving if SHTF.

    I do like the idea of saving some dough, though, with a straight razor.
  8. cdnboy66

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    actually, my quattro blade is now approaching 3 months in the razor.
    I shave in the shower every morning. People think it's crazy, but less muss less fuss
    I have thought about a straight razor and I know my hot morning showers may be interuppted in shtf, but money wise..the one I am using is as low budget as it gets.

    I should mention I use cheap shaving cream that I buy on sale or soap when I am out.
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    shaving is over rated :)
    trimming is more like it [beer]
    I might have to try the old school way after i get tired of growing a beard.
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    Yup, 'face pelt' with an occasional trim. I keep it about 1/2 to 3/4 inch long - any longer it gets bushy and unruly. I just use scizzors and go by feel. Haven't lost an ear yet......
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    I have been using a horse hair brush for years, and I use soap not shaving cream or any other type of detergent soap.

    IMHO shaving is over rated. If I need to let it all hang out I will. Years ago I had a beard that hung down to my belly. I guess when I get to that point they will call me gramps, white beard and all.

  12. Seawolf1090

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    I would love to get a nice "ZZ Top" thing going, but it just doesn't co-operate...... :rolleyes:
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    Well being shaven (at least once a week and today's the day" in my thing at the moment. Shaven I look more like Riffraff from Rocky Horror.

  14. 2Munkeez

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    i guess i'm in the minority, here. i NEED to shave. if i go a few days (which i usually do) without shaving, i'll start to get irritated skin on my neck and weird dandruff. head and face get clean shaven atleast twice a week.
  15. AKM.

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    Ive had a full beard for a year or so....I've forgotten what I look like....:D

    I hate shaving; I cut myself with everything; have tried a million different products/blades. Even Electrics give me an instant rash and burn.

    Best I ever managed was plain hot water, soak the bristles in a hot wet towel, and use a 1/2 way decent disposable. Am steeling myself to buy a straight razor; but been putting it off.

    It was the worst thing about the Army- shaving everyday- my pet hate. grrrr.
  16. bnmb

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    I stopped shaving when i left the army...True, after clean shave it takes 2-3 days of horror until all the hairs get through, but after that you're home free. I trim my beard once a month with clippers set on 2 to 2.5 centmeters, and been doing that for over 20 years...I look funny without my beard now...once, kids almost kicked me out when I shaved it all clean off...but my wife liked the change! Hmmmm...yes, she did....I need to think about that a bit... :D
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    The point I was trying to make is simple. In a TEOTWAWKI, extended SHTF scenario, or once I am retired from my job, the facial hair is ON. I have worn a beard most of my life, with the exceptions of my service time, certain jobs, or living in extremely hot climates (even then I have kept a soup saver). Canned shaving cream is an *industrial* luxury. Women shave also. This is a bit of esoteric knowledge my grand-pappy passed on to me, along with soap making and other things. Just sharing what I know. I plan on making my soap supply for next year, and when I do I will post pictures and directions. We don't want to smell like a [troll] after all.

    I guess what it boils down to, is not too many years before I was born, industrial civilization was in it's infancy. There were no big supemarkets, megastores, warehouse clubs, or outlet stores. If you lived in the country, you were lucky if the nearest town had more than a simple grocer (who was also the post office). If you were super lucky, that grocer had a butcher. In a long term SHTF or a TEOTWAWKI situation, are you going to be willing or able to leave your home and drive off in search of a Walmart?
    Just sayin'.
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    I myself have the facepelt as it is getting colder so the beard grows. when I do shave i have a gillette fusion proglide and the box of cartridges is about 17.00 bucks a box but since I only shave in the late spring to summer it's no problem, cause even then its once a week on sunday morning and even then i run over it with electric cutting( used for giving me a buzz cut every three months)utencil. but anyhow I find a box lasts the entire three months so no big deal.
  20. Witch Doctor 01

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    I can pass for Santa Claus... as a matter of fact i get paid to....

    I use olive oil to shave if I have to or hair conditioner...haven't shaved since i left law enforcement...
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