Simple Filter for Fish Ponds and Tanks

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    I have a small pond and a 5000 gallon stock tank that I raise fish in for food and pleasure. I made a simple filter out of a plastic 55 gallon drum that seems to work much better than the many commercial filters that I have tried and is considerably cheaper to build.
    I began by cutting the top out of the drums with a sawzall. I then used the top as a template to cut three circles out of those light-diffuser ceiling panalswith the little squares (the left-overs make great shell holders for reloading) . I installed a 1.5" valve near the bottom of the drum for flushing and a 1" inlet fitting about a foot from the bottom. I then placed a milk crate in the bottom to create a space for floculation to collect and put one of my little cut-out panals atop of it to hold three bags of Lava-rock. I then placed a second panal with two bags of that Walmart variety pillow filling synthetic stuff, the third panal with a layer of charcoal brickets and a 1.5" discharge fitting near the top of the drum. The discharge gravity flows down to my waterfall and I have several aquatic plants in the top of each filter to help out a bit.
    I use a 110 volt submersible pump that I got at Lowes for around $60.00 but it is guarenteed for two years My formerly green pond is now filled with water as clear as gin and the fish seem much happier.
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    I once had a pond and did close to the same thing.

    I used a laundry sink (you know, the plastic, square ones with legs) and filled it with rocks and sand. The pump at the other end of the pond fed the water through the bottom (drain) of the sink, so that the water flowed out from the top (I cut a rectangle just short of the top ledge of the sink) to form the source of the waterfall. Covered the outside of the sink with dirt and rock so that it couldn't be seen and voila! One beautiful rock waterfall/organic filter.
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    ok seacowboys i need pic's of youe set-up if possible.i am having a bit of problem with mine and have lsot my fish..part due to a mishap and the rest to???? anyhow i am really interested in what you grow and how much you harvest....basically all the this post needs pics...please help me tank is 300 gallons and a 18 gallon size tub for filter with bio balls.
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