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    Sorry if this has been posted here, I did a quick search and did not see it.

    Commuter bus in Seattle has an armed gunman rob at least 2, possibly 3 people before someone takes action.

    Also note how even during the struggle the guy with the phone is too concerned about his phone and has to "put it away", and how people are returning to the bus to get their belongings they left in their hasted to get away after someone yells "He's got a gun"

    And did I hear the gunman say "you're hurting me!"? Too Effing Bad! Lucky you were provided with a few more holes and some additional lead in your body!
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    I swear that guy looked like Clark Kent...Superman lives.... Should have broke the guy's arm to give him a fond memory of why he was sitting in the clink....
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    or use umbawazi... he can't hit back/grab/ etc. with broken fingers...
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    I think of that poor English soldier that died at the hands of two Muslim nut cases in London several months ago while 25 people stood by and did nothing. What would you do? stand by and do nothing? give the guy your phone? or fight back?
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    Is "rip their hearts out" an option, as that would be my vote!!
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    Sadly, it seems the prevalent attitude in the UK (since they allowed their parliament to take their rights), and, far too often in the USA cities, is to be shocked into submission far too easily. The people who witnessed the execution of that British soldier were ill equipped, both physically and mentally, to handle the situation. Most city dwellers in this country are the same way.

    In other words, they're sheeple.

    If I witnessed something like this, and was armed, they wouldn't have had to worry about a trial for those 2 Muslim hoodlums. Unfortunately, working where I do, I cannot carry to/from work, and sometimes make a stop by the store on the way home, unarmed. No way around it, so I try to be quick and careful on those trips. Otherwise, I'm armed with a Glock 27 with a +2 magazine extension, and a spare +2 magazine in my pocket.
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    I'm sorry to hear that your state allows employers to prevent you from protecting yourself to and from work by banning in the parking lot/building. That used to be the case here but was recently changed. I can't carry in the building and I'll admit that I rarely ever leave in the car (because I didn't carry in the first place, not because I'm breaking the law and carrying in the building) but at least I can if I so choose. We actually didn't have signs on the doors at work until about a month ago, which pisses me off.

    It's only one reason I'm considering changing jobs and yes, it is a consideration. They won't die without me but me leaving will hurt so if I can make a point of it in my exit interview I plan on doing so.

    Back to the point at hand though, it would be very unlikely that I wouldn't step in, even unarmed with any weapons other than my hands. I have to say that kind of behavior worries my wife but it's just how I'm wired.
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    Same here. My wife gets upset, if I make someone else's problem, mine.
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    Great thing about my job (armed security escort) I always have the whole belt full of options; pepper spray, expandable batton, Berretta 92 with 15 round mag and 4 spares.... Then on my own time its either a Bond arms Cowboy Defender loaded with buckshot in the pocket or if in unknown/unpleasant surroundings add a 9mm in an IWB holster with 13+1. Even without the cool toys though have the nasty habit of running the wrong way when trouble arises.
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