Situational Awareness - Flash mob attacks at grocery store

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by kckndrgn, Sep 9, 2014.

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    Personal security, and that of your family is paramount to survival. Here in Memphis last weekend there was a "flash mob" that attacked 4 people (originally reported as 3, but since upgraded to 4).

    Situational awareness – knowing what is going on around you.

    Initial reports said that a mob of 100+ teens attacked 1st a man getting out of his car in the parking lot, then turned on two Kroger employees who tried to assist the customer. The thugs ended the attack by throwing 20lb pumpkins on the head of one of the employees. Also, if you watch the "raw" footage in the links below, you'll see someone call for security, only to see the security guy IN THE MOB handing his cell off to someone else to keep recording. Don't count on store security to help you!

    In a mob of this size, one person may not have much of a chance, even armed, in my opinion.
    MPD: Four victims in Kroger attack |
    Three attacked by teens in store parking lot |
    Grandmother reaches out to police after brutal Kroger attack |

    If you don't know what's going on around you, you've lost already. I play games with my kids. Try to find the person wearing glasses (trick question, it's me J ), how many people do you see are boys, how many are girls, who has a tattoo, etc.

    There are LOTS of what if's that can be played in this scenario. What if the customer saw the mob and just stayed in his car, out of sight. What if someone had there HCP (Handgun Carry Permit in TN) and took action, what if the HCP holder was the one attacked?
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    It all starts with your entry into the parking lot before you ever park the car. Do you park in the front of the lot near the entry of the store... and if night time, do you park in a well lit area. If you are pulling through the parking lot and you see a group of people, do you evaluate their disposition and your need to go through them.... or do you just move on to your next stop? Are there lone individuals that seem to be loitering & paying to much attention to who and what is going on, that makes your radar pop? You can do many things on the initial entry and once you park before you exit the vehicle that can prevent muggings, car-jacking, assault and so on... just by a little forethought, situational awareness and common sense, you can avoid most circumstances. Are you traveling alone at night going to a store....if it can not wait till daytime, are you prepared to defend yourself.... or would it be smarter to have someone go along with you..... Bad guys like easy prey, they will pass on an even fight and go for the simple win's anytime, over a challenge to their own safety.

    Do you have the means and skill to fight off an attacker... do you have a weapon at the ready, whatever that may mean to you (mace, taser, tactical pen, knife or firearm). If not, then now may be the time to think those defense measures through... prior to finding yourself in the middle of some event where your life may be on the line.

    Is your physical condition good enough to run away...... or go hand to hand if cornered? Do you know basic self-defense techniques to break a hold and give you those seconds to get away from a bad situation. Those are things you should be working on now as well.

    Safety is in your hands and playing defense in your attitude will be better... than trying to be ignorant or stubborn to the threats around you.
    Retreat and fight another day, would be my motto in this particular circumstance above. If I saw a mob of this size hanging out... I would just move on. Safety first as they say!!
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    As quoted above.....
    "They Got a White Dude!" This, Shannon Watts, Is Why We Need Guns To Go Grocery Shopping - Bearing Arms
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    These kids and their parents both need serious 'spankings'...
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    Funny you should say that. When one of the 15 year olds was in court, his parents would not come down to "claim" him, and since he had a prior gun CONVICTION the judge ordered him held in juvie. This, I believe, is the same guy whose grandma turned him in.

    My opinion is that all of these yahoos should be charged as adults.
  6. VHestin

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    Not surprised. And yeah, stupid teenage punks who think they're so grown up should get a taste of adult consequences.
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    One Pound of fun in a can, go ahead, come at me bro!!

    I keep 1 in every car under the front seat!
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    @scrapman21009 , you keep a red "X" in your car to mark the dead?[gone]
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    I carry a hardwood cane, in my truck. Anytime I feel uneasy I "use" it. I don't need it, but it is acceptable anywhere, even weapon free zones. No one has ever tried to part me from it, and it is always overlooked. Can I help it, if it can break bones, leverage or hook as needed, and extends my reach a few feet in a hurry?
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    [ditto] I keep mini fire extinguishers of bear spray in each vehicle.
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    I always have one of these with me
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    Might not be to hot of an idea to get out of the truck with it in S.C. if a cop is around tho. :oops:
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    I read about that. The old man did not exit the truck with it, he reached into the bed of the truck for it. Cop thought it was a gun, and shot him.
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    Ferguson involved a cop and was bad enough ..... with this crap happening all the time it's only a matter of time before there's a "Zimmerman x 10" ..... a legal gun carrier is going to defend themselves or other(s) and holy hell is going to rain down .... really can't believe it hasn't happened yet
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    I think the black racists and/or looters know that if they get to much out of control that they will be crushed because people are getting very tired of their shit!
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    How aware are you of your surroundings? How aware of your children? Here is a game that you can do with your family so that you learn to become more aware of your surroundings.

    10 great games to learn survival or prepper skills
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