Sleep Well, Maria..

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by CRC, Dec 11, 2007.

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    It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I sit here today.
    You see last night the world lost a remarkable lady. Maria was the wife of a friend of mine...I had only met her once....but once was all it took to touch my life. Forever.

    When I first met Albert, (through a Parrothead Group ), I heard his story of his beautiful wife, who was fighting for her very life. She was battling leukemia and was in need of a bone marrow transplant.
    I followed her story closely as I was being tested to donate marrow for another friend. I understood her plight of needing something that would depend on the kindness of a stranger to donate. Lynn was lucky and found a compatible donor and she would not have to wait.

    Maria received her bone marrow donation two years ago and seemingly began to heal. But in November, things took a turn for the worse. She and Albert decided to take a much needed break and fly to Tampa to be with friends and attend a Buffett show. While there, she expereinced some pain and new symptoms, so the couple left immediately and flew back home to chapel hill. Maria was admitted immediately and she had been fighting for her life since then.

    Last night, she lost that battle.
    Her little body just couldn't fight anymore.

    Maria, a truly beautiful person left us and her spirit joined many others that have gone on before her in the cosmos. She left behind three beautiful little girls (Hannah, Katherine, and Maggie) and a loving husband.

    Maybe I'm asking too much, and if so, I apologize....please don't let Maria's fight be in vain. Although, you may not know her, the story is all too familar. We all have lost people that we love. Please honor them...If you are not already, please consider being an organ donor. Donate your blood....become a member of the bone marrow registery....Simple things can become grand acts of selflessness. We are all on this great big whirling ball together and we must learn to honor each other unconditionally. If nothing else, reach out today to someone and offer them a kind word or a never know whose life you will change.

    I rose early this morning to watch the the horizon began to glow, I noticed one lone star shining brightly...I like to think that it was Maria....finally at peace...fighting no more.

    Rest well Maria...and may flights of angels sing you to your sleep....

    Thanks, y'all....

    - "My heart has joined the Thousand, for my friend stopped running today." -
  2. Tracy

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    The love she brought into this world will go on through the people (like you) that she touched. The joy and the phriends that have encompassed her home and family will show her children just how many lives she positively effected. Her job here is done.

    The only pain that exists now isn't within her, but resides in those who feel her loss. Heal well, Sweet Pea. Keep your eye on your morning star, and return her smile.


  3. hartage

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    I lost my best friend under very different circumstances but the devestation to those left behind is the same.

    My prayers and condolences to her family and those she touched and now feel her loss.
  4. wildernessgal

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    My apologies for your loss... After grieving SMILE, as our loved ones and friends which we sometimes sadly lose, don't want us to be unhappy while we are here amongst the living.

    Other than that have a beautiful day, keep on enjoying those sunrises, and more of us should stop & smell the roses more often... Sometimes we forget that LIFE IS TRULY SHORT.

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