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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by Blackjack, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. Blackjack

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    Just wanted to share some thoughts on something that I think is a great thing to have in the event of tshtf.... the small pond.

    Does anybody else here have one now? We've got a small one at the farm (a little less than an acre).

    One thing most people don't know:
    The DNR in a lot of states will stock your pond with native fish for FREE or for a very small fee (like 50 bucks per acre). It's usually bluegill, largemouth bass, channel catfish.

    In the likely event that someday food will be scarce and/or very expensive, a small pond could provide a family with a lot of very valuable protein that constantly renews itself every year. Not to mention being a reserve for water.

    Not only do you get fish, but turtle is good to eat, froglegs are wonderful, and the pond will help attract a lot of wildlife that's also edible. They add value to your property, and fishing is a fun and relaxing hobby. What's not to love?

    It really doesn't require a lot of land to have a pond. A lot of people have little quarter or third of an acre ponds in their backyard, although it is recommended that it be a full acre to really benefit from a balanced population of predator/prey fish.

    A really good forum to check out for info/advice on everything from building your pond to stocking and maintaining it is the "Pond Boss".
  2. KCwelder

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    I once read an article by Kurt Saxon about farming catfish in 50 gallon drums. So a small 700-800 gallon "decorative" pond in the back yard would surely be more than suficient,and have the added benefit of not looking like what it really is. A food source.
  3. Seacowboys

    Seacowboys Senior Member Founding Member

    I have a small back-yard pond where I raise a variety of fish.
  4. the dog

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    good thoughts...i got a small pond on my place.i have grown a few catfish in it so far.but will get serious about it this spring.i also have a small pump to use for irrigation for garden or food plots for wildlife....the pond is good for wildlife....during the droguhts of the last several years i have had deer and turkyes out the wazzoo due to haveing the only water for looked like cattle were coiming to it for fact they were pulling it down they were drinking so much and so amny deer were coiming to for me it has real keeps me in meat in the form of deer.
  5. phishi

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    Another possible use is for fire fighting. I know in some areas you get a discount in your home owners insurance if you have a pond on your property for that reason. In a SHTF situation, with a good pump, you could be your own fire brigade.

    Beats a couple of buckets......

  6. Blackjack

    Blackjack Monkey+++

    Never even thought of that one.

    Hey, is there such thing as a "hand pump" fire extinguisher?
  7. the dog

    the dog Monkey+++

    yes there is like a regular extinguiser and you put water in it and then put cap back on and use a air hose to charge it....but dont use it on a electrical will shock you up the stream of water

    2nd is a forest fire one....its called a bladder goes on your back and has a pump hose built together and you pump the water out of has a slide action pump in the works good

    i hope this is what you were asking for....?????
  8. Blackjack

    Blackjack Monkey+++

    Yep, that's what I was lookin for. Thanks.
  9. Scavenger Flatbedder

    Scavenger Flatbedder Scavenging The Wasteland

    I have been under the impression that you are required to allow anyone who ask permission to fish your pond if the state stocks it for you.
    Also in smaller ponds and especially barrels the water will need air pumped to it or the fish will die off due to lack of oxygen.
  10. FalconDance

    FalconDance Neighborhood Witch

    What about the skinny-dipping value? You forgot that! Any turtles would be required to stay on their end of the pond during S-D hours, of course, but a relaxing swim after a day of work is a pleasure of its own. ;)

  11. Blackjack

    Blackjack Monkey+++

    No, that's a myth, but I have heard it several times. At least in all the states I'm familiar with anyway.... now Kalifornia or Mass, who knows what those idiots have legislated.

    True - But only if you're talking VERY small (like a Japanese Koi pond or the llike). Aeration has great benefits for any pond though, no matter the size. In larger ponds, you do have to concern yourself with "fall turnover" which is when deeper, low oxygen water (below the thermocline) "turns over" and mixes with the high oxygen water above the thermocline and basically makes all the water too low in oxygen for fish to survive. The cause is usually too much decaying biomass and Aeration helps greatly in preventing this.
    Windmill driven aerators are available and fairly common. They aren't as good as electric ones, but they aren't dependant on the grid.
  12. Scavenger Flatbedder

    Scavenger Flatbedder Scavenging The Wasteland

    Thanks,I'll check Missouri's to know for sure.
    The feller that told me had his ponds stocked by the state conservation.
    He was a little steamed because he said he didn't know about it before hand.But thats been 15 years ago.
    I have one of them.But its a short and turns horizontally instead of vertically like traditional windmills.
  13. monkeyman

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    In MO they ask that you let others have acess to it BUT it dosent have to be everybody that wants to, it can be the relatives/friends from the city, neighbors or whatever only and as you see fit. I think it DOSE make your pond subject to the size and limit regulations though like lakes that are public.
  14. Blackjack

    Blackjack Monkey+++

    Here in Indiana, the fish and the pond are still yours to do with as you choose. There is no government regulation of it above what there would be if you stocked it yourself. But states do vary widely on their fish and game policies.
  15. duanet

    duanet Monkey+++

    I live across from a flood control pond, about 4 acre pond. It is handy for fishing, on my section or the towns section, watering the garden, used to be good duck and goose hunting, ice skating with the kids, a reliable source of water in case of woods fire. Have seen that use and we stoped the fire wirh about 1/2 acre burned in 20 minutes using a 3 inch hose and a pumper at the pond and not depending on 5 gallon back packs and a banjo type pump. I would place a pond quite high in my list of survival options. The only downside is mosquitos and black flies.
  16. Blackjack

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    A little of that is unavoidable, but stocking a bunch of gambusia minnows (aka mosquitofish) goes a long way towards keeping them down. Plus gambusia are a great "self repleneshing" source of forage for the larger fish.
  17. epd160

    epd160 Monkey+

    If you stock up on mosquito dunks they work, and they are fine for potable (drinkable) water
  18. texican

    texican Monkey+

    I had water issues here back in the 90's, so I built a small pond, then a larger one, about an acre. Wasn't happy, so enlarged it to envelop both old ones and make the new one around 8 acres, 35' deep. Have had zero water issues since.

    I stocked it myself... do NOT want any govt. agency knowing it's there, especially stocked with fish. Don't let anyone but nieces and nephews fish in it. Letting every peckerwood know I've got a stocked lake isn't good OPSEC.

    Btw... skinny dipping without shorts on, in an area you feed fish, is not wise... I speak from experience! Bite marks on your junk hurts... BAD!
  19. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    You stocking piranha? Yeesh.
  20. bravo61actual

    bravo61actual Monkey+

    wow 8 acres? nice brother, i only have 4 1/2 wooded acres for now.
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