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  1. rustyb380

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    The futher my wife and I get into "prepping" we find ourselves getting increasingly more worried about are two small children 1 is 6 and 1 is 4. any suggestions?
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  2. larryinalabama

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    same as mine, whats the worry?
  3. rustyb380

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    How do we properly prepare them for something they donot understand?
  4. larryinalabama

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    No one really knows what were in for. If we simply hit a massive depression our children will be fine, if we have to defend ourselves with lethel weapons pland for some sort of safe room for the children, one where they cant be her and cant hear whats going on. Children are a Blessing from God and even in the worst of times they are a blessing.
  5. rustyb380

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    Agreed, but always in the back of our minds. I guess the only thing we can do is continue to pray with our kids.
  6. dystopia

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    You can't. Their will be a lot of adults that don't understand what's happening. I've talked to my children and told them there might come a time when they have to obey my instructions, no questions asked. Sometimes i think you have to make sure that you're prepared in all aspects before you can start helping others.
  7. rustyb380

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    "Helping Others" well put.
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  8. The Expendable

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    I was that age, and growing up in Florida during the Cuban Missile Crisis. I was oblivious to it, although I'm sure my parents were very concerned. My point is that kids are resilient, and will likely handle any scenario better than you.
  9. fedorthedog

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    I am a thirty year LEO . Children will react to and deal with things based on the way they see adult handle them. If you panic or blow up over every day stress they will join you and be that way the rest of their lives and worst in an actual emergency. Teach them that you are in control and can handle things. Teach them to obey without question in an emergency and to know the difference, by how you speak, that it is time to obey. Give clear concise orders. (Orders not requests) When it is over don't fall apart in front of them remain calm tell them they did good and show them it was not that bad. (I don't care how bad it was) Children just need to feel safe, weather they are or not.
  10. DKR

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    prepare them mentally

    When our kids were young we had an “emergency situation” night - monthly or so. We would pick something from current news as the ‘emergency’. Earthquake, massive flooding, something from the news.

    The lights were shut off (the ‘frige cheated of course)
    Water had to come from the kitchen 5 gal jug
    Dinner cooked over an alcohol stove - kids held the flashlight and the fire extinguisher - just in case.
    We lit off the Aladdin lamp - and dinner was had.

    Board games followed.

    The ‘emergency’ always ended just before bedtime, then off to baths and so on.

    Later when we had a wide-area power outage, the kids didn’t panic - they KNEW we could handle emergencies. Starting early can provide children with a resilient outlook on life. And given what we see facing the next generation - it just may be the greatest gift you can give children.

    When they turned 8 I took them climbing and repelling. Talk about a confidence builder. Wow.

    SO - give der kinder a flashlight for the shoes that stay under the bed, have a dinner cooked over a camp stove and so on, better yet, take the children camping.

    As they grow older, give them the 'duty' to start the campfire, cook a simple meal, let them sleep outside under the stars.

    Now I'm working with the grandkids, we just put together a quinzee in -6 degree weather. When they get a bit older, they will get to shoot at the range - they go with us now and watch.

    The more you and your children depend on YOURSELVES the better off you will all be.

    Have fun, it is a great way to teach self reliance.
  11. Waz

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    Made up a bag for our Son in law for Xmas, had survival gear in it, for daughter as well.
    Made sure the bag had stuff for our grand daughter, whistle, poncho, gloves, torch, will expand on it as money dictates, she is nearly three, and a concern for me.
    Education is the key, take em camping when you can, teach them a little each time, all the time emphasizing safety, make it fun, not scary, they have enough to worry about, with all the doom and gloom on the tele.
    Think someone suggested role playing, a good idea, and teach them to keep it quiet, as you don't need inlaws etc, coming down on you for scaring them, and be classed as a nutcase, and it will also help that no one knows if you have provisions stored, keep it in the family, teaching navigation etc can be fun, put something in the bush and get them to find it using a compass
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  12. The Expendable

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    Waz, actually I think you have hit on an excellent idea. Why not give kids their own BOB? Let them get involved in putting it together. I think that would be a great project that would really help kids overcome their worries.
  13. weegrannymush

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    I have no young children living with me now but could have in a crunch situation (great grandies e.g.) and my biggest problem would be - what if something happened to wipe out all the adults and left the children ALONE, God forbid. Also the pets.....dogs and cats. This has always bothered me, it's almost a phobia. How would you folks prevent this from happening? I know it has happened to thousands of children in the third world - it could happen here. Makes my blood run cold to think of it. Any thoughts and ideas, other than shooting them all (and that's unthinkable to me) if the situation became hopeless, like Masada, I guess. Just askin'.
  14. Waz

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    Thankfully I doubt such an event would happen, would only be a Man made event, like in all things if something did happen, hopefully the children of forums such as this would be survivors and slowly but surely regroup and join together, if such an event did happen, besides us all being gone, there will be millions of children that would die from Cold, etc, worst nightmare for parents. Think God would keep them safe? hoping he will, after all Christ said they are special and to not forbid them to come unto him, ooops apologies, not meaning to go all christian like, but I believe they would be looked after.
    Best thing you can do is teach them, as a Grand parent we have many yrs of mistakes we can teach them to not repeat, if only they would listen.
    Prepare them the best way you can, if you had supplies etc, your family could make it for a while, leave instructions, books etc, for them to learn
  15. goinpostal

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    A modified version of hide,and seek is a good skill for Kids thats easy to teach.
    They hide.You seek.Then add a code word to be used so that they are only allowed to come out of hiding when they hear it spoken.
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  16. hedger

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    I like the direction that you are headed with this suggestion. However, may I modify in the following manner?:

    Explain to your kids (Show & Tell) what is in your B.O.B. and why. Then, start to put some things together for their B.O.B. and ask them what THEY think ought to go into it. You know, kind of get their involvement and buy-in to the whole thing? Winning their minds while they are young is one of the most powerful prepping gifts that you can give to your children.

    This has the potential of shifting their mindset into an effective coping stance, as opposed to a clueless victim stance.
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  17. Wolfgang2000

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    Kids are pretty resilient. I don't believe in scarring them before hand, or lying to them after the fact. Just tell them what they need to know when they need it.

    One other point. During Katrina thousand of kids were kept from their parents till ID was proven. I've heard people say "I'll never be separated from my kids". But seriously, if you have been stuck on a roof for 3 days, a helicopter drops a basket, and says they can only take one, who is NOT going to put their kids in first?

    My point is get some form of ID for your kids. I had dog tags made for my grandkids. This is limited only by your imagination. But do something.
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