Solar Oven's Recommendations or Waste of Money (To be Used by me Only in Power Outages)

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by ED GEiN, Mar 17, 2019.

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    Anyone have any recommendations for Solar's Ovens or do you think they are a waste of money? I found one on Amazon for under $100 but my problem with this model is that you can't cook large amount of food at one time). For myself this would be used in Emergencies only.
  2. I have experimented with solar stoves a little. But I'm no expert. I would say IMHO it is not worth the money. "The stove" you pointed to is mostly soft plastic with a insulated base and sides. A MUCH better one could be built for less which could handle higher temps. And solar stoves take a long time to cook anything. And requires full sun to do anything useful. IMHO, you would be better off buying a Colman dual fuel stove. they come in both single and double burners. (I have both) Not only can you cook with them, but I have used mine to heat a room (with ventilation), melt lead for bullet casting, ect, . If you are want something that do's not require carrying fuel? Consider making yourself a rocket stove. I have one I made out of a 1 gal. and a 1 quart paint cans I bought at Paint shop that works great. For fuel I use sticks, broken down wood pieces, or fuel cubes I make out of paper egg cartons, dryer lint, and candle wax. I can always find something around to use as fuel. But I prefer my Colman stoves. Just my 2 cents.
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    That one is pretty small. I read a few of the comments and due to the size, it had issues with getting things hot enough to cook though it was good for warming. Most of the good solar ovens are much larger and are a couple hundred dollars.
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    I got some dutch ovens. My wife cooks all kinds of stuff in them.

    But me personally I would stick with stuff that could be cooked on a wood stove, open fire or camping stove.

    To me the best stuff is stuff for when the power goes out, shtf, ect is stuff that can be used on a regular basis with or without modern conveniences like electricity or natural gas.
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    I have a Sun Oven and I like it. I mostly use it for things like roasts when I don't want to heat up the house during the summer. It's great during power outages and even works well on cold sunny winter days. The down sides are; it doesn't hold large pots or pans(max 8x10x6" tall), you have to keep moving it to catch the direct sun, it was expensive.
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    This young lady here has a posting :

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