Solar powered garden lights and other outdoor lighting

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    A good light is water proof and has a good AA battery that you can replace in a year or so . I have a few al around my property .along with motion sensor lights and cameras .
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    Thanks for the review.

    Here in Cambodia, finding good quality LED garden lighting, is a rarity. Since I was limited in this fashion, I came up with a little idea.

    I have a single 100 watts solar panel and a 50 AH solar battery, attached to a Morningstar Sunlight SL-10L-12v 10 ampere lighting charge controller. This automatically energizes various 12vdc LED perimeter lighting around the farm, from dusk until dawn.

    Since we have mains power available, and have ample 230vac perimeter lighting (we would give an airport or a prison a run for their money, concerning illuminating areas at night), I installed a relay on the mains line, to switch the solar powered lighting circuit off, unless we have a mains power failure at night.

    In the event of the mains failing, the relay will de-energize, immediately completing the 12vdc circuit, energizing the solar perimeter lighting. When mains power is restored, or at the time the generator is started, the relay will energize again, switching the solar powered circuit off.
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    I bought these solar lights that go on the top of a jar. I have had these for a few years and they still turn on every evening. I never bring them in so they can stand snow, rain etc.. I am hoping to find them in my Amazon history because these lights are worth the money and I would like more.

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    Believe it or not Harbor Freight has some good working lights I still have in service several years now . I have replaced the battery in a few over time but they work . Their larger solar shed light however is junk .
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    find it....give us a link....THANKS
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    I looked and my solar tops must have come from some place local. Thought I got it off of Amazon. My lids do not have the fairy lights attached.
    Make sure the solar is the full lid. I have seen some of these that is a little square.

    PS- I just had a strand of battery operated fairy lights short and almost burn down my place. I stay away from them now.
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