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    So you guys know I've been searching for a new Linux home for a few months (year?) now. I had settled on Linux Mint Debian Edition as I liked the Debian base with the minty theme that was semi rolling, meaning I'd never have to upgrade to a new version by wiping and re-installing.

    LMDE has been great and I've been running 64bit with no issues. The development has slowed to a crawl and after searching and searching, I found out why. Ikey was the driving dev behind LMDE and has left Mint to start a new Debian based distro - SolusOS.

    New Linux distros are common and I pay little attention to the 'latest & greatest' and this was the case for me with posts about SolusOS for a few months. I finally got around to checking it out and I have to say that its fantastic! SolusOS 1.1 Eveline is based on Debian stable (squeeze) and features pure Gnome 2 as a desktop. I've actually been running SolusOS 2 Alpha 4 (wheezy) which runs Gnome 3.4 but has been re-re-re-modded to behave like Gnome 2. New technology with the comfortable user interface...

    Debian is by nature 'rolling' and Ikey plans for a seamless upgrade path from version to version so once installed, you'll never have to re-install a new version. It's also a very clean and polished desktop. If you install SolusOS 1.1 now, you should have a one click upgrade to SolusOS 2 when Debian Wheezy is released sometime in 2013.

    The best part of SolusOS is that although Debian is Stable (stable sometimes=old), Ikey refreshes all the important packages for security and usability - this is a first.

    After about a week of testing, I'm very close to making SolusOS my main system and would suggest that you check it out with the live version to see what you think.

    SolusOS | Shine ON
    Download | SolusOS

    Please leave your thoughts and comments below.
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    I have been slightly acquainted with Ikey from some of the Linux forums, he and his work are well respected.

    There was a lot unsaid about his leaving Mint.

    I usually run my own set-up on Debian rather than a distro, but when it comes to my computer I'm a bit of a control freak.

    SolusOS is well worth a look if you don't want to go to that much trouble.
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    Got the link and will schedule a download time in the near future as I sometimes like to play around with these different distros. I'm with Mint 13 Mate 64 bit on my main desktop computer and so far quite satisfied. The fact it is long time support might make it a keeper - I looked at Mint 13 Cinnamon too but didn't care for it as much as the much simpler Mate.
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    I just read that they just released SolusOS 2 alpha 5 (alpha = not quite stable) and that they have gotten Gnome 3.4 to look and function exactly like Gnome 2
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    I downloaded 1.1 overnight last night... my connection is dsl - think that is supposed to be fast. I more or less decided the ds stands for damn slow. LOL! Well it's way faster than dial-up. I went with the 32 bit for testing and soon as I get around, I'll burn it and give it a test. Actually looking for something to replace Mint 11 32 bit on my netbook, as that is due to expire and since it has no dvd drive I have to use an external to change the OS on it. But I have the original boot disc to reload windows, I can start all over with it if need be. I use it duel booted with Linux and win xp.
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