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    i have bought this up on other website and i sit and wonder how some people are going to survive in this world after the event .

    here is some of the question i have asked and got back some of the most stupid answer back from people on this subect who where to the top of there game when it came to suriveing a bio or chemical attack in there area and when explained to them they go oh ok and give you a look like a deer in the headlights look about bio and chemical warfare and how it works and does not work .. ..

    when asked this question to a person who is really heavy into the AZ survival movement and has there own blog on the survival movement inside the state about a dirty bio and chemical weapon going off and what they do after the survival time was up in the shelter i go this answer from them and others once time meeting of the socalled Az surivalist that i met at this meeting .. ..

    i would go back home and live in my home after the stay in the shelter and when i bought up the fact that you no longer can live in the house because of the bio agents some can not be killed in a normal fashion of cleaning the area up with the normal ways of deconning the house and it goods .

    some of the bio agents can be only kiled by fire and heat and that would mean burning down the house that you live in to kill it and i had to prove it to them and they still went oh i did not know that ..

    when i explained to the person at the table where we where eating dinner that anyone who served in the military at one time or another has this basic knowage inside there heads from the day we start our careers in the military intill the day we die and it is hammered into our heads from day one of the military career and they might change some of the clean up methods for them and i do try to keep abreast of the basic changes of the diff new methods of cleaning up after a spill or a event that where bio weapons might have been used ..

    plus when i started to ask around the table some of this queston basic shelter liveing 101 area of have you fitted your shelter out for long term liveable space inside the shelter and i got the blank look from the people when asked them now what since your house and anything inside the house is non useable at this point and the people are going to burn it down to kill all the bio and chemical agents that might be inside ..

    so here are some of the question i have asked when they say they have a shelter and the number one question i will asked them ..have you bult you shelter to be able to live in it full time and be comfortable in it after the event that forced to you live in shelter

    that means some of the basic liveing areas like in the following areas of shelter liveing and the comfort level you think your are going to need or what in this area of next phase of one life of suviveing the event ..

    basic kitchen area wher you can cook a dinner without haveing to go outside and do the cooking for the family along with a area for the family to set down to dinner and eat without haveing to go somewhere else inside the shelter

    do you have a way to keep drinks or other foods cold for stowage

    running water for bathroom and kitchen sink use

    away to filter water to make it safe to drink

    away to pump the water into the shelter fresh water tanks and use no electrical power but you own sweat of your brow as i like to say ..

    liveing room type of area for the family go to for some form of basic fun or book reading along with giveing the family some personal space as need to relax in the shelter after a day of rebuilding

    bathroom with shower and way to go to bathroom that does not involve a bucket and dirt and a way to wash your cloths and dry them and do you have a way to get rid of the bathroom waste water and store it and can you pump it out without any electrical power but you sweat of your own brow as i like to say .

    have you thought beyond the basic bunks beds type of liveing for you and the wife to enjoy some personal space togerther for your enjoyment of life as a couple ..

    plus have thought about where you are going to put the kids beds after the event to give you some more personalable space for some sense of privacy inside the shelter ..

    lighting beyond the normal emergency type of lighting inside the place and means some basic lighting beyond the normal bunk light or overhead lighting system and it would be just like a normal liveing room or kitchen area light .. ..

    way to charge the battery bank with basic solar or wind or both of them ..{ this one area i do find that brings out the most fights in the subect of this post and i will basically explain that area ..i had one person tell me that he fire up his gen set and charge the batties and when i explained to him the problem of noise and how people will be looking for that noise if they are hungry or wanting what you had better to use something that might take a little longer but it quiet and i break it down and hide it from the outside world..

    away to keep warm or cool in the Az weather system we have down in the valley and up in the northern part of the state..

    so when sitting down with your shelter maker and ask some of those basic question about shelter building and liveing ..

    plus some areas it is going to be a little hard to get all this items inside the shelter but try and figure out your basic needs and how to build on them from there as you design your shelter ..
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    unless the Bio weapon hit relatively near by and under optimum conditions i wouldn't worry about them... just keep folks at arms length for a few weeks and you should be ok... dirty bomb... same same... it will be a local event anyone further than 20 milles should be ok... same with nerve agents... where i live the chances of one of these events is about nil...

    so no bunker for me... i would tend to spend my time and money on preps that would be more useful... solar power, food preps, tool preps, and household preps...

    I may be wrong but in my AO i don't think it will effect me...
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    I'm with Witch Doctor on this one. Just humanely destroy as many rats and feral cats as you can.... keep your property free of them then pick up some quality filter masks from a hospital supply and learn how to wash your hands properly. If I were you.... and I'm not.... I'd be concerned about the multi-drug resistant strains of plague and even more concerned about the secondary pneumonic plague basically because it's a devastatingly acute infectious disease. I don't think there's a nuclear winter in our future... it would make too big of a costly mess for "global" humanitarians that want access to to our natural resources. Ahhh ahhh ah choo. ;)[FONT=&quot][/FONT]
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    all right then let me ask you this type of question

    do have anything for a bio or chemical spill gear right now in the house and it ready to go or do you live near a railroad tracks that carries frieght past you house or with in a 1 mile area of your house ..

    do you have a plan for just in case of what if type set up ..
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    Nope no RR near by .. I wrote several counties hazmat and SARA 1910.120 programs... most spills in my area would be shelter in place... or run out and help catch the livestock... some propane trucks but where i live is pretty much a straigh away and a hit on one of those is limited...

    If i lived with in 5 miles of a RR i would be concerned due to alot of the chemicals being transported and a bunker would not work for shelter... most bunkers have air filtration systems which assumes that there is air to filter... some of the chemicals on the trains/trucks are heavier than air and as a result could displace the breathable air and asphyxiate you...

    so no bunker or a need to exhaust fan your bunker after such an incident...

    a great book to cross reference if you don't mind some upper lvel math is FEMA's "Handbook of Chemical Hazard Analysis Procedures" It's a little dated but all the info is still good...

    so still no bunker for me..
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    you get the basic question i asked but most of the people when asked that question i get the deer in the headlights look and bring up some of the basic facts about a bio or chemical type spill or attack most of them do understand some of the basic question of the reason why i asked them about shelter long term liveing ..

    part of my job as a security officer leader and what is know as the office of doom and groom for a resort in hawaii is a chemical or bio officer at a resort seesaw[yack]
    we have been updateing a lot of the basic things that they need for the socalled problems for the both the guest and workers there when it happens to the Honolulu and it will come our way because of the trade winds in the area that blows across the water onto the resorts in the area . ..

    most of the work i do is on the mainland as they call it and i order and ship the supplies and gear and staff training needed to handle a long term problem of survival if something happens there the island there ..
  7. Witch Doctor 01

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    I would do a cost benifit analysis if the distance over water is sufficent you should not have to worry about chemical as moisture will help break most of it down, and most wind plume models limit distance to around 10 miles before the toxicity is no longer an issue... as to Bio weapons it would depend on altitude and method of disbursment.... however unless there is a major population center close by you worries will be from folks fleeing the bio weapon instead of a direct hit...

    Just my opinion...
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    we did a few computer base models and if north korea did do something like a combo effect of nuclear and bio or chemical set up where the resort is at on the island would be in a direct path of the weapon

    plus give the dense area of hawaii and how fast it could spead we plan to take no chances at the resort and have a working plan in place for just in case something we down .
  9. Witch Doctor 01

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    Works for me...
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    Advice is much easier to comprehend and the source appears much more reliable and/or knowledable when proper rules of punctuation, capitolization and grammer are followed.

    If you can not remember your high school English how can you remember and advise on NBC protical?
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    That is a bit harsh, don't you think....[yack]
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    OK, since we're being picky... From your unhelpful reply above::

    knowledable is misspelled and should read knowledgeable.
    capitolization is misspelled and should read capitalization
    protical is misspelled and should read protocol.

    snarkiness will get you snarkiness right back. I suggest you rethink your delivery when responding to threads here. Perhaps you should read this:
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    Because the US ARMY drilled into my head intill i do it my sleep and do it without thinking and since i left the military and spent years working everyday in a area that made us learn and relearn drills that came with a full scale nuclear or bio or chemical incident or a dirty weapon incident that would come with a attack ..

    i also speak four other langauges in this world of our along with being able to read and write in this langauges to the diff people around there world that i need to speak to everyday in my current line of work at the resort ..
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    cool thanks for the videos there bud
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    i do the pratice of low keyed look instead of high speed look and i try to stay away from the people who pratice that style of dress as he talked about in the video but in the cabin i do have those type of clothing in the closet for that type of look if it need at the time .most of the time my basic everyday dress i low keyed in drocker dress pants and l.s. shirts and tie and dress shoes as my basic everyday dress for work and off work i wear jeans and t-shirts and hikeing boots when it cold a basic barn jacket when cold ..

    my shelter was design first as a full scale nbc shelter and second as a full time home before and after the event with it beening total off grid and beening able to support myself without any outside help for a set of number years .

    as the person said in the videos i have planned for some diff things going wrong my four biggest things are in the following areas

    1-dirty bomb type attack or bio weapon

    2-total hyperinflation and-great depression type bank run on the USA markets that the world market hold the notes on the companys here in the states

    3-civil unrest over the programs that are cut from the states and federal sides that will happen if number 2 happens ..

    4-nuclear warfare with iran or north korea

    that way i bult the shelter as a fall back home for full time liveing before the event or after the event ..
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